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These are our core values, the reason why we wake up each morning, and why we do what we do each and every day. We do what we do for you, your family, our earth!
We offer natural, organic and earth friendly products for moms, babies and families. Each product in our shop reflects our belief in a safe and healthy future for all children.


Lunchbots Cinco vs Yumbox

August 23, 2016

As a follow up to our Lunchbots Cinco vs Planet Box post, I thought I would follow up with a Lunchbots Cinco vs Yumbox. As always with back to school we field many questions about lunch box containers, bentos and more.  As always, Go Green Baby carries only products that we believe in and know will last! We thoroughly research and test all products that come into our shop so that you can rest assured with each and every purchase. In the past we have carried lines that we were not 100% pleased with (Laptop Lunches, Go Green Lunch Box & Goodbyn are examples) and we had no problem letting go of the line when we received more than enough complaints and concerns....

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How to minimize the clothes your children own

August 22, 2016

At one of our more recent Book Club with a Purpose meetings we were discussing clothing for kids and how to stay on top of it. The topic for the evening was Tidying up and organizing. As a result, we got onto the topic of clothing for kids.  How do you buy for kids? Where do you get good quality clothes? How many do you have? What styles? I shared some of my ideas about clothes with book club members and many of them asked that I write a post to share my suggestions and ideas.  As a family of 6, we have lots of clothes, in many different sizes. Because we have so many kids we want to buy clothing...

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