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10+ uses for organic cotton prefolds!

10+ uses for organic cotton prefolds!

Prefolds are one of the most useful and practical diapers you can own. The uses are unlimited and I am going to share some of the many ways we use our prefolds:

1) Diaper - The easiest way is to use it as an all in two system by folding the diaper in three and laying inside a cover.

2) Burp cloth - incredibly asborbant

3) Change pad on the go

4) Lay under baby for bare bum time

5) Doubler for overnight

6) Pocket diaper insert - fits well in our Apple Cheek or AMP

7) In the car seat when your toddler is potty training (to ensure your seat doesn't get wet)

8) Cloth, rag, mess cleaner upper

9) Overnight breastfeeding pad

10) Postpartum pad (think bulky and absorbent) for those first few days

11) Car washing cloths (absorbent just like a shamwow)

12) Kitchen and bathroom hand towels

13) Doll blanket

14) Pee pads for puppy training


How do you use your prefolds?

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