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10 Ways to Use Your Snack Bag

10 Ways to Use Your Snack Bag

Reusable snack bags are awesome and for more than one reason. I want to share with you 10 different ways you can use your snack bags other than a snack bag. 

1) Crayon/pencil case

2) Travel Bag for toileteries

3) Storage bag for cell phone and ipad chargers

4) Reusable wipes bag - Wet some clothes or wipes and keep them damp for diaper changes or dirty faces

5) Make up case

6) Small gift bags

7) Mini first aid kit for your purse or vehicle

8) Birthday party goodie bag

9) Pacifier bag for your purse/car

10) Resuable pad or diva cup bag


What ways do you use your snack bags? Or do you only use them for snacks?

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