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Add Merino Wool to your life and you will never look back...

Add Merino Wool to your life and you will never look back...

Do you wear merino wool? Do you like it? If not, I really think you should! Merino wool is an amazing material and fiber that is so versatile.

Feeling hot in the summer? Cool in the winter? Want to be a little more cozy at home on these blustery days? Want to keep those UV rays off your baby?

Add merino wool to your life and you will never look back!

Merino wool will not let you down. It will be there for you and your family. Merino wool is solid, strong and long lasting.

Here are just a few of the many advantages:

All of this is true! Merino wool is durable and will last you season upon season. It will last you through all the seasons too. We wear merino wool in the summer because it is breathable and is moisture wicking. I have a lovely merino wool dress that keeps me nice and cool. In the winter, I add an extra merino wool base layer underneath the dress and I am cozy warm! Merino wool makes the perfect pyjama because of the breathability.  You know how you wake up hot and drenched in the middle of the night (whether it be pregnancy hormones, postpartum hormones, menopause, or just because)? Merino wool solves the problem for you! It will keep you dry and keep your temperature regulated. It will do the same for your little personal heaters (aka. your babies and children). No more sweaty babies and drenched kids.

It is machine washable! YES!!!! Right? No one wants to be handwashing anymore. Well maybe you like handwashing. If you do, by all means handwash your merino wool - it will last much longer. For those of who don't love handwashing, throw your merino wool in the machine on a cold cycle and you are set. It is best to hang your merino wool to dry if you want to ensure it lasts extra long (BUT, if you don't have a spot or time for hang drying, don't lose any sleep over it. Just plunk it in the dryer on a low heat for a short period of time - it dries fast!).

Merino wool has a high UV protection. Because it is not recommended to put sunscreen on babies less than 6 months, I always recommend putting baby in a merino wool for the beach. Baby will stay protected from the sun and the material will keep baby's temperature regulated - keeping them cool.

Looking to stay warm in the winter? Add Merino wool as a base layer to any of your outfits. It is great on the ski slopes, on the sledding trails or even just around the house. A merino wool beanie is also a great addition to any hat on your head on cold days or alone on a cool fall/spring day.



Keep warm, stay cozy and live merino wool.

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