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Using cloth diapers at night

Using cloth diapers at night

Do you use cloth diapers at night? Have you considered it?

For us, it has always made sense to use cloth at night. It has been part of our routine since our babies were born. 

Night time cloth diapering is just as simple and basic as day time diapering, but there are a few tricks and ideas that I can share with you to make it easier.

1) Use a super absorbent cotton or bamboo fitted diaper with a separate cover! Two part systems will have more absorbency than an all in one or fitted. It just makes sense. More material, aka more absorbency, and dual protection (diaper + cover). Mother-ease makes AMAZING cloth diapers for leak proofness. They call themselves the leakproof system and I can vouch (after 4 kids) that this is 100% true. We have had less than 10 leaks from this diaper system with all of our children. Look for the One Size Mother-ease or the Sandy's. Bamboo will have more absorbency but may take longer to dry! Be sure to pair with their Air Flow diaper cover








2) If your baby is not liking the cotton material against their skin, you can throw a Bummis Fleece Liner on top of the diaper to wick away moisture.

3) Use a cloth diaper friendly cream to keep baby's bum from developing a rash. Because a night time cloth diaper may be worn for up to 12 hours (if you are that lucky that your baby sleeps through the night!) you will want to put a barrier protection to ensure they don't get a rash from the wetness. 


4) Add in a doubler for extra absorbency. If your diapers are drenched in the morning and your baby has leaked, you may want to consider an extra layer of absorbency. Fact: some babies just pee more than others!

5) Just give it a shot and see what happens! Your pocket book and the earth will thank you. 

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