Zero Waste Living for you and your family

What more can we do? What more can you do?

Instead of participating traditionally in Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Small Business Saturday this past November, we decided to turn the tables and do something a little different. We chose to donate 10% of our sales for the day to a local new moms group called Mother Circle Kingston. After all was said and done, we donated a little over $100 to help this amazing resource in Kingston!

That got us thinking about what more we could do in our community to help those in need and those requiring a little extra. This year we are making it our goal to do our best. To offer our best. To share our best. To show our best. To do our best. To you and the community.

Each month we are going to choose one random day (don't worry we will post it ahead of time) in which we donate 10% of our profits to a local Kingston and area free, community group. I am certain that I can find at least 12 worthy of the cause, but we would also like to hear from all of you. Send us an email or post on our Facebook Page where you think our donation should go - after all it is not just me that is making the donation, it is each one of you that shops with us that day who will be donating with us!

Of course, this begs the question of what more can we all do for our community, our friends,  our family? How can we all support each other? What are we all doing as a society to help, support and care for each other? How can we build each other up and strengthen not only ourselves but our entire community.

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December 21, 2015

I love the baby girl bedding so far!! Super cute. How fun that she is alsmot here. Hang in there at the end. I sometimes think it is the hardest part. (Sorry, I haven’t been over reading lately either…with Christmas and the Vacation and really all of december craziness I haven’t been reading as much.) I sure do love the things you make!

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