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Meet Alli

Meet Alli

Alli is here alternating Saturday's. We would love for you to meet her! She is wicked cool and has some awesome tattoos...

1)Tell us a little bit about yourself

Well first and foremost I am a new momma.  I'm experiencing everything for the first time and when I get something right I feel like I'm wonder woman! My hobbies include yoga, gardens, cooking up yummy vegan treats and hanging out with the fam and fur babies. I am a huge art collector... but would rather it on my body than my walls :) In the summer you can't keep me inside and in the winter good luck getting me out of the house!

2) What is your favorite cloth diaper?

Woolly bottoms!  And bummis! 

3) What do you love most about babywearing?

I love having Atlas so close I can hear his little coo's.  I love being able to look down and make funny faces and watch him try to imitate me. But most of all I love that I can breast feed him so easily for us both no matter where we are.

4) Which baby carrier do you love best for newborn?

Moby wrap for sure!  So cozy

5) What is your favorite stage of development for your child/kids?

As Atlas is my first I have only experienced 4 months of having a baby... that being said I have loved every single second and every single stage.

6) What does your child do right now that drives you bonkers?

Sometimes drives me nuts when I have things to do and he doesn't want to be put down or put in a carrier. ... but then I remember how new he is and how safe he feels within my arms and I can be nothing but happy.

7) What is the number one product you recommend a new mom/dad have?

Can I pick two? I'm going to anyways! Cloth diapers... they are not as scary as they seem! Take the plunge!  And a carrier. It makes life so easy. 

8) What is your favorite colour?

Right now, mauve. .. but this changes frequently with me

9) What helped you most during your breastfeeding experience?

Don't hate me, but it came so easily for us. We have had no issues at all and I love every minute of it. Only thing I wish was that I didn't work myself up so much about it while I was pregnant.  I was so scared to even try at first! But after  20 minutes of Atlas being in my arms he just went for it himself! And it's been like that ever since. I feed on demand so sometimes that means we go 3 hours before the next feed... sometimes 30 minutes!  We spent an entire movie one night suckling. ...naps in between, but mostly eating! And any questions I have my momma is the first I go to.

10) What is the hardest part about parenting?

With Atlas, nothing so far...really! 2 teenage step daughters on the other hand are a completely different story ;) If I had to say something it would be friends not understanding when you need to cancel at the last minute for whatever the reason.

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