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What you REALLY need for baby!

What you REALLY need for baby!

Many lists on the internet are filled with tons of items that parents "need" in order to get started with their new life with baby. I say forget it all! In today's modern world we are bombarded with commercials, advertisements and shops that promote spending more and more money. They want you to buy more stuff, more things and more of everything. Unfortunately, many of us are drowning in debt and overspending any money we do have. So I am here to help you navigate the first 2-3 months with baby and the necessities that you will actually use and need during those first precious moments.

Here it goes...plain and simple.

1) A method for feeding your baby. If you are interested in breastfeeding, I will suggest a visit to our LOCAL page for a list of Kingston specific breastfeeding resources and supports or Dr. Jack Newmans page if you are out of town. If you are choosing to breastfeed, I recommend two items: a) Nipple Butter (it will save your butt in the middle of the night when crack nipples creep in) and b) Washable breast pads (to keep your clothes, bed and whatever else you are wearing dry). If you are choosing to bottlefeed, you will want one item (aside from your formula): 2-3 Stainless Steel Bottles. All the other gadgets are extra and definitely not necessities.








2) A diaper to put on your baby's bum. Obviously, we recommend cloth diapering and with all the new fun and exciting cloth diapers out there, it really is easy and affordable (you can save up to $2000 per child). Check out our options here: Cloth Diapers or learn more on our Cloth Diaper 101 page. We recommend approximately 24 cloth diapers per size. Ps. cloth diapers leak less too (this will save you in the blanket and clothing department).

3) A place for your baby to sleep. Newborn babies don't need much space and love to be close to you! You can choose to cosleep with your baby, you can choose a bassinet or you can choose a crib with mattress. We recommend an organic mattress. Although the cost upfront is slightly more than conventional mattresses, remember that your baby will spend more than 12 hours per day on their mattress!


4) Receiving blankets. Let's be honest here for a minute. You don't need five hundred receiving blankets, you really only need 3-5 of them. Once you have a baby your laundry schedule increases exponentially. You will be able to wash your receiving blankets at least once a day if they get dirty, sometimes more!


5) Onesies and sleepers. I refer back to my blanket example, you certainly do not need a closet full of clothing. 5-6 key pieces will be enough to get you and baby through those first months. We love these organic gowns from Parade and the merino wool rompers from Wee Woollies.


6) A baby carrying method. Here you really have 3 options: a) your arms (they may get tired eventually)  b) a stroller  or c) a baby carrier. Choose what you wish based on your lifestyle, though personally I find a carrier is always handy regardless of which other option you choose. A moby wrap or sling is a great addition to your newborn necessity list (this will become your lifesaver at 2 in the morning and your baby has been awake for the past 1.5 hours).

7) A gentle baby soap & a bum/body cream. Babies don't need to be washed often and should be saved of washing immediately after birth. Throw out those giant bottles of Johnson & Johnson that have questionable ingredients and a list as long as your arm. Come in and grab one of our basic baby bar's of soap. This one has only 7 ingredients and is perfect for those first few baths. You can use one of our awesome bum creams for almost any purpose - cradle cap, dry skin and for soar bums! You don't really need 10 different products for different purposes - you really only need two. 

8) Last on our list, never to be forgotten: Love, unconditional, always present, love.

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December 21, 2015

I use the good old fashioned flat fold AND the prfelod cloth diapers. You can also buy expensive, fancy, all-in-one, with or without liners, plus your baby’s name and CV embroidered on them, but the bottom line is: you still have to change the diaper every single time it gets wet or soiled. Period. Maybe the all-in one are easier to use and fancier, but I repeat, you still have to change them, and if you are on budget they are expensive. You have to buy a few sizes as your baby grows, as for the flatfold/prfelod- it will last you a couple of years. If you want to save money, buy 2 dozen of prfelods and a dozen of flat folds. Gerber has some excellent diapers, birdeye cloth and other variety. I use the flat fold as liners, but they can get bulky, and use either pins or snappies to tie them. These diapers work great, keep your baby’s skin breathe and dry. Watch some YouTube tutorials how some moms use pins or snappies. One cloth diaper use will cost you a forth of a cent a year ( a pack of 12 diapers= about $15 with tax).I do not use the covers because I have to dig in my baby’s pants to find out whether she is wet or not. I guess they work well for heavy wetters- you do not want everything wet underneath your baby. Mine is not, so I am getting away without them.I use hypo-allergenic detergent- but you do not have to if your baby handles regular one. But I would still recommend it. I use a line in my backyard for drying them- sun and wind are still free, thanks God. besides, the UV rays in the sunlight act as disinfectant agent no bleaching needed ever.Hope it helps.Good luck.

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