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20 Ways to Enjoy the Holidays Without Spending Money!

20 Ways to Enjoy the Holidays Without Spending Money!

The holidays can seem like one dip after another into our bank account. For many families it can be a challenging time - the pressure from everyone to buy the next best thing, the pressure to buy the brand new thing, the pressure to make the fanciest thing. It's seems never ending. We want to make everyone happy but at the same time we feel overwhelmed and stressed out!

The reality is though that most of don't remember the things and stuff, we remember the experiences - the feelings, the smells, the tastes. We remember the laughter, the fun, the joy. We reminisce about our family and friends. 

Feeling the crunch but want to make the holidays feel meaningful for your family, here are 20 ways to enjoy the holidays without spending money!

1. Take a drive and check out christmas lights in your neighborhood.

2. Bake cookies with your children - especially gingerbread cookies!

3. Make popcorn garland for the Christmas tree or for your home. 

4. Read Christmas books (don't forget how many the library has!).

5. Listen to holiday songs and enjoy a home sing along together.

6. Drink hot chocolate and share stories about Christmas when you were a child (kids LOVE hearing about your childhood).

7. Volunteer at a local food bank or shelter (and make this a habit for the entire year!)

8. Invite friends or family over for a shared holiday meal.

9. Attend a local community holiday event (church events, skating in Market Square, etc)

10. Take a walk outside in nature and share gratitudes.

11. Watch a performance or movie of the Nutcracker.

12. Make snow angels, snow forts, snow people and enjoy this beautiful gift we receive in the winter!

13. Host a cookie exchange with friends and family. 

14. Make snowflakes or Christmas Stars (using Kite Paper) with your kids and decorate your home.

15. Spend time learning about Christmas in different cultures. 

16. Watch a holiday movie with your family together snuggle in blankets!

17. Offers gifts from your home to others instead of buying gifts. We regift often for birthdays and holidays. So many of us have beautiful items that we are no longer using or that our children have grown out of. Instead of donating them why not share them with friends and family?

15. Decorate your home using home made decorations that your children have made. 

16. Make a holiday meal together with your children. 

17. Make your own wrapping paper - have your children create beautiful holiday images on newspaper or large kraft paper and then use as wrapping paper for gifts!

18. Dehydrate orange slices and create your beautiful garland for your home.

19. Make your own eggnog! 

20. Enjoy a special Christmas breakfast together.

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