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What can I do with my baby in and around town?

You have been cozied up with your baby in your home for the past 2 months, 3 months, 4 months, and now you are starting to go stir crazy. The only adult conversations you have had in the past 8 weeks have been with your partner or mother and most often is about the colour of your baby's poop. Sound familiar?

Usually parents start appearing on the baby club scene around 2 months postpartum and trickle in until the baby is about 4 months. Getting out of the house and meeting other parents is essential to surviving that first year.

If you haven't taken the dive into the deep end, I promise it won't be as bad as you think. While a few of the moms on scene will be dressed in their Sunday best with their hair coiffed perfectly and their nails impeccably manicured, the rest of us will have been happy to make it out the house with a bra on and our hair put into a thankfully now trendy messy bun (thanks Urban Outfitters for bringing us back to the 80's where style was non existent). We will be extremely sleep deprived - 2 hours of sleep each night is perfectly normal, right? Everyone's baby will be crying at some point during your outing (and usually right in the middle of a highly important conversation, such as: are those lululemon pants?). None of us know exactly what our baby's cry means (poop? food? tired? who knows! The books all lied to us). And it will have taken us at least 1 hour longer to get ready than we anticipated, which is why we no longer make it anywhere on time.

So, once you have mustered up the energy and found the time to get your body, and the baby, out of the house, here are a few awesome groups and places to visit with your baby in Kingston:

1) Mother Circle - A Free mom's group happening at the YMCA each Monday. A loose topic with discussions.

2) Mulberry Waldorf School - A free playgroup Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. Discussions, songs and tea.

3) Ontario Early Years Centre - A variety of free playgroups throughout the city at various locations for various age groups.

4) Music Together - A paid music program (well worth the investment!) for babies up to older children.

5) YMCA and Artillery Park - Swimming lessons almost daily for babies and children. Artillery Park has a new salt water pool (no more chlorine!).

6) Breastfeeding Drop In at Community Midwives of Kingston - Friday's from 10-12, stop in with lactation consultant Kaz, Jennifer, or Alanna for help or just to hang out.

7) Mom and Baby Yoga - With Samatva, Feel Yoga or Life Yoga. While I can't guarantee this will be everyone's cup of tea, many moms love this activity.

I hope these activities help you negotiate the long days of those early months of parenting. It is wonderful to get out and find your tribe or your people. There are so many options in our city that you are bound to find a group of moms to connect with and share your poop stories with, because lets be honest, our partners just don't quite understand.

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  • Looking for swimming lessons with an instructor for a 7 mth old

    nicole perera on
  • I’m so glad that you included birth mom or bioacgioll mom as the correct term instead of that hideous real mom comment. Thought I’d mention that there are adult adoptees that do not like make an adoption plan at all, though, because it sounds kind of cold. Not like it’s about a child or a human being. What do you think about it?

    Zerbini on

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