Who is Doula? Where do I find her?

Who is Doula? Where do I find her?

Have you ever heard of a doula? Do you know what a doula is? Don't worry it is not your cousin's best friend's aunt's hippie name! Well I guess it could be, but it would be highly unlikely! A doula is wonderful person who can be of significant value and support during your labour, birth and postpartum period.

What is a Doula?

A doula is a person who offers continuous emotional and physical support to women during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. They are a true support person, there only to support you during your experience! Doula's are not midwives. Doula's are not medical professionals and they do not deliver babies.

Many women will choose to use a doula for their labour and birth, for their postpartum period (to help at night or during the day with the adjustment to parenting) or BOTH!

While Doula's are not regulated, many obtain certification from training organizations, such as HALO, DONA, and CAPPA. Through this training, they are offered education and training about the labouring, birthing and postpartum process, as well as how to support women during these processes. They will also receive basic training on caring for newborns during the first months after baby is born.

Why Choose a Doula?

There are several well documented and researched benefits to having a doula present at your birth or postpartum. Doula's can lower the rate of c-sections. They can decrease the use of epidurals and interventions during labour and birth. They can lower incidences of postpartum depression. But most importantly, they can improve a mothers satisfaction with her birth experience.

Doula's can help improve your confidence in your body's ability to birth your baby. They can offer coping strategies to manage pain and share comforting words to help you through your labour and birth.

Can anyone use a Doula?

Doula's are available in most cities across Canada. Typically, doula's have a cost associated with their services and are most often not covered through healthcare plans (unlike Midwives which are typically covered). However, many doula's will work with individual families to make a payment plan that is affordable and manageable for everyone.

Doula's are available to support you during ANY birth experience you wish. They are solely there to support YOU and your birth choices - natural birth, epidural, c-section. They are available for those wishing for a home birth or a hospital birth. Whichever route you choose, they will support you during the process.

How do I find a Doula?

Most training organizations such as HALO, DONA and CAPPA have listings of doula's available in your area. For Doula's in Kingston, see our list below (we try to keep it as up to date as possible). You can also visit the Kingston Doula Facebook Page for updates.

Be sure to interview several doula's before making a final choice. You want to make sure that the doula you choose is going to be the right fit for you and your family. You want to feel comfortable and relaxed when your doula is present so that you can develop a strong and meaningful relationship with them - this will help during your birthing process!



Lisa Bowman - DONA, Birth and Post-Partum Doula
lisabowman@live.ca 613-539-2990

Susan Grainger Cross - DONA, CAPPA jabbecross@gmail.com 613-484-1727(FB page - Butterflies & Babies)

Rachel Erb - CBI
taking.root.doula@gmail.com 613-541-1816 (FB page - Rachel Erb, Certified Birth Doula)

Sandra Evoy - HALO
sandraevoy.birthdoula@hotmail.com 613-438-0602 (FB page Sandra Evoy Birth Doula)

Laura Gillian - DONA
lgilliann@gmail.com 613-827-3183

Alyssa Green – HALO
fleetingsparrow@gmail.com 613-572-7202 (FB page Definately Doula)

Kristin Kelly - HALO
kristinangela@gmail.com 613-449-4414 (FB page Kristin Kelly, Birth Doula)

Rebecca King - HALO
r.king@hotmail.ca 343-363-0439

Hayley Mooney - DONA
overthemooneydoula@gmail.com 613-777-0727 (FB page OvertheMooneyDoula)

Anita Pearce - BAI
anitajpearce@gmail.com 343-364-4444

Megan Robert, HALO
meg.e.robert@gmail.com 613-770-0502 (FB page Doula Meg)

Samantha Thompson - HALO
Samantha.thompson83@gmail.com 613-532-8575

Morgan Young - HALO
morgan_m_young@hotmail.com 613-453-7123

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