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Baby got the teething blues?

Baby got the teething blues?

Is your baby teething? Are they having trouble with their teeth? Are they fussy and seem to have their fingers and fist in their mouth constantly? You will always feel terrible for your teething baby and in the end there is little you can do to speed up the process. It is a wait and see game.

There are some great tips and products that will be able to help you and baby out along the way.

New parents will always ask me when my babies started teething and to be honest I never really paid much attention. Babies have fussy days, fussy weeks and difficult times, just like adults do! I don't specifically remember an age or any of the days off hand. But what I do remember is watching and waiting for those little teeth to cut and pop through. I remember thinking  how difficult it is must be for little beings to not understand what is happening to them - wishing I could help and take away all their pain.

First, I always recommend some of our amazing teething toys and accessories. Often, baby just needs something to chew on to relieve the pressure. Natural baby toys and teethers are extremely important! Babies put everything in their mouth and as such absorb toxins and chemicals easily into their bodies. Choosing a natural teething toy will help eliminate many of the toxins that are released through plastic toys.

Wood is a natural product that is safe for baby to chew on (specifically maple and cherry wood). Both have natural antibacterial properties and are extremely hard (aka. no splintering going on with these!). Wood teethers are sanded extremely smooth and babies LOVE chewing on them (dogs do too!).

Re-wood Toys (owned by my husband) makes beautiful wooden teethers and teething necklaces for mom to wear that are perfect for teething babies. These products will not disappoint.


Organic Cotton teethers from Ringley are especially popular at the shop! These work great if you dip the ends in water and freeze them.


Natural rubber also makes a great teether. We have several natural rubber teething toys that your baby will love.


Mom may also love wearing our wooden teething necklaces.


If you are looking for products to help with the teething pain, I love this natural teething oil by Punkin Butt. Teething oil, made with essential oils of chamomile, clove and peppermint, on baby's gums will help banish teething pain and soothe baby (and probably the entire family).

I also like to suggest either Amber Necklaces or Hazelwood Necklaces. Both necklaces are designed to help reduce teething symptoms. Amber works more specifically for pain, acting as a natural analgesic and Hazelwood helps neutralize acidity in the body (helping to relieve symptoms associated with teething - rash, drooling, irritability).

Do the necklaces work? That is the most common question we receive about the necklaces. Of course, the answer to that is not 100% clear or certain. My answer usually goes something like this: Does Tylenol work all the time when we want it to? Nope! Does any medication or product we use work each time we are prescribed it or want it to work? Nope! I feel the same about Amber and Hazelwood. Perhaps it works for some babies and not for others. Perhaps it works really well for your baby and you see noticeable change in your baby's pain (many moms swear to me that they have noticed significant improvements in behaviours after putting the necklaces on their child). Perhaps it works as a placebo making parents believe that something is happening when really it is not! Either way, I figure there is no harm in trying. Remember to use your necklaces with caution. The recommendation is to take them off at night and when the baby is not being supervised by an adult.

If all else fails and none of these are working for your baby, know that teething is only a stage and that it too will get better. There is not much consolation in my words, but I can tell you from experience with four children that it will indeed get better and that one day your children will no longer be teething. Be patient with your baby, offer as much relief and kindness as you can


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