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Eco Friendly Lunch Box Options

Eco Friendly Lunch Box Options

Is your child starting school this year? Or are your children heading back to school? If so, here is your chance to learn all about more eco friendly lunch box options.

Plastic lunch boxes typically contain chemical and toxins that can leach into foods, especially when warm. When exposed to these toxins on a daily basis, they can add up in the body and can increase the chances of exposing you and your family to cancers and diseases.

Stainless steel and glass offer safer alternatives to plastics. Stainless steel is light weight and extremely durable. Glass is heavy and not as durable. For children's lunch boxes, we will always recommend stainless steel due to the durability and weight of the products. Glass makes an excellent option for food storage at home and for adults.

We offer some amazing back to school lunch options that will blow your mind and leaving your kids wanting to eat their lunch each day!

Here is our list of must have's for back to school (in no particular order because they are ALL awesome!):

- Lunchbots Stainless Containers: Our family LOVES all of their products. Originally they came out with the Uno and Duo. Stainless steel containers for your lunch needs. The  Duo was split in two so you could separate your items.  Uno works great for sandwiches and salads. Then after increasing demand, Lunchbots came out with the Trio and Quad. These little pieces of lunch magic allow you to divide your lunch into 3 and 4 sections respectively. They make the perfect containers for snacks or for young children's lunches (depending on how much your children eat). Most recently, Lunchbots came out with their Bento systems. The Cinco was the first to launch and has been their most popular. This makes the perfect all in one stainless steel lunch box system. We have truly enjoyed using this system mixed with the Kids Konserve leakproof dishes and Lunchbots Thermos to create a perfect lunch box for our children. See my lunchbox below I created for Scarlett last week.

* Warning: Because these containers have NO plastic of any kind, the divided sections are not leak proof nor is the container. It is best to put all dry ingredients into one container and wet into another OR use their little condiment containers for liquids (such as dips). I will show you another trick in a minute too for mixing dry and wet together.


- Kids Konserve Leakproof Containers: We also adore these leak proof containers for our children's lunch. They can be purchased both individually in Small, Medium or Large or in a set of 3 called the Nesting Trio (for easy storage they all nest into each other). For younger children we recommend the round trio. For older children and adults we recommend the square trio. The round set of 3 fits perfectly in our Dabbawalla lunch bag, along with a Lunch Bots Thermos and a Klean Kanteen water bottle. Kids Konserve also makes a thermos which is better suited for older children (6+) due to the deepness as opposed to wideness of the Lunchbots. You can also take advantage of Kids Konserve Sweat free non toxic Ice Pack.


We have used the Kids Konserve containers for 2 years now with 3 of our children and NONE of them have broken or been dented. Nor have the lids even broken. We put them in the dishwasher and use them on a daily basis! These are well worth the investment.

- Dabbawalla Lunch Bags: Made of neoprene and completely washable, these bags are the perfect lunch bag for young children. Have you ever smelt one of those standard lunch bags from Loblaws or Walmart? After about a month of use, they develop a terrible smell and are extremely hard to wash. Our Dabbawalla bags are washable and sized marvelously for little hands (did you see the cute handle???).

- Klean Kanteen Water Bottle: This is amazing water bottle that can be used for baby's as a sippy cup (with this adapter) or can be used as a sport bottle. The 12 oz bottle is the ideal size for children's lunches (not too heavy and not too large in size).

- To Go Ware Tiffin: If you like more of an all in one style lunch box, a Tiffin may be a wonderful option for you. They are better suited to older children (7+) but will hold a large amount of food and will keep it all contained. You can even put soup or liquids inside the bottom container!


Stay tuned for lunch box ideas as we continue a Back to School series!

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December 21, 2015

Interesting question. I’ve never had much of a smell issue. I try to squrit down the inside of Parker’s lunch box with eco-friendly disinfecting cleaner every day or so. And he is hardly gentle with his bag. Most days at least one food has spilled juices or something into it by the time it comes home.I’ve looked at the cotton bags (including at the site you linked to), but most aren’t well insulated. I see that fabric stores sell an insulating material, which could be covered and sewn into a washable insulated bag. That’s a bit beyond my craftiness skills. But I know Parker would love a customized bag.One thought. I’m not sure if this makes a difference, but after I empty and wipe out his bag in the afternoon, I store it open on a counter in the laundry room. Any chance you are storing yours closed or in a drawer when not in use? Perhaps I don’t have a problem because I let it air out every night.

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