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Tis the season for....strawberry picking!

Tis the season for....strawberry picking!

We love chatting with customers about where to find local, sustainable and organic products and foods.

One of my personal favorite foods is strawberries. It has always been my favorite time of year and I look forward to the juicy, succulent berries from our earth.

Do you take your children strawberry picking? Did you go as a child?

One of our main goals as parents in our family is to put our children in touch with the land the process of food production. Bringing our children berry picking allows them to understand and appreciate the process, time and effort that goes into food. There is so much more to just preparing meals and eating them. What happens to the food before it arrives in your home? Where does it come from? Who grows it? We want our children to have a true appreciate for and value the food they are eating and to know what goes into it - rights from the seed that was planted.

Today our family spent the morning at Wiseacres Organic Farm in Centreville, just outside of Kingston.

Together, we picked 8 beautiful strawberry baskets for a super reasonable price (not any more expensive than other strawberry bushes in town). Kohen filled an entire basket on his own, while Ryann and Scarlett together filled about a half basket - they were more interested in eating the strawberries. Sadie cheered on from the sidelines and managed the fallen strawberries between the rows - what a trouper she was!

The owner of Wiseacres Farm, John, is wonderful and is a wealth of knowledge. His love of organic farming is evident as you soon as you start talking to him.

Kids are welcome to roam, play and enjoy the beautiful land all around! Walk the lands, run in the bushes, and play with the animals. This is truly an extremely welcoming and friendly farm. Naturally, we ran into other families picking strawberries and our children ran off together into the fields to have some fun of their own - tree climbing most likely!

Wiseacres also sells organic beef, pork and poultry. You may also get to meet some geese, piglets and other animals that will eventually be the food that you eat. There are always some happy animals roaming around the farm.

What do we do with all our strawberries?

Tonight we enjoyed strawberry milkshakes with our freshly picked organic strawberries, Kawartha Dairy Vanilla Ice Cream and Limestone Organic Creamery Unhomongenized Milk.

I have also been freezing our berries all day long so that we can savor them in our colder winter months in smoothies, in yogurt and in our baked oatmeal. It is definitely more cost efficient to pick your own berries in the summer and freeze them for the winter.

My all time favorite is strawberries and cream.

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