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Books, books and more books for Toddlers

Books, books and more books for Toddlers

We just got in a huge shipment of books that you and your children are sure to love! Have you ever considered the quality of the books you are reading to your children? Have you carefully chosen books that will help develop your child's inner imagination, problem solving skills and confidence?

I love reading aloud to children. Oral tradition is so important and can be a treasured and beautiful part of you and your child's day. While books are wonderful for reading aloud, children also love to be told stories. They especially love hearing stories of your own childhood and your experiences growing up.  Children also love made up stories of children just like them. We tell great stories of a little red headed boy and his adventures in the great wilderness.

Stories also allow opportunities for children to work through problems and conflicts in their lives. Often our made up stories will involve difficult situations that the children are going through. For example, at one point our daughter was having difficulty playing with other children. She always wanted the children to play her way and play her games, and if they did not play with her the natural conclusion was that these friends did not like her. To help her with this challenging time in her life, I made up a story using farm animals that were in a similar situation. The horse always wanted the other animals to play her games. But naturally they did not want to play her games at that moment, they were caught up in their own activities. The pig shared how hard it was to play that game because he wanted to do some colouring instead and the cow shared how she wanted to play soccer. In the end, the animals shared with the horse that they still wanted to play with her but that it would be a later time. They also confirmed with the horse that they still loved her and still were her friend even though they were not playing with her right then. In the end, I believe the story did help my child move through this struggle she was having about understanding her friends and their play time together. We told the story several times and eventually we started hearing less about her friends lack of interest in her games and more about the games they were all playing together.

If you are having difficulty coming up with your own stories and would like some inspiration, below are some popular books for toddlers (ages 12 months to 2 years). We will share another blog post about books for older children soon!

Nursery Rhymes Boardbook by Clare Beaton. Simple and classic rhymes illustrated in beautiful fashion. Clare also have several other nursery rhyme books - Action Rhymes, Garden Rhymes, Bedtime Rhymes, Animal Rhymes and Farmyard Rhymes. Each of her images in her books are first felted by her and then a picture is taken of the artwork.

Hannah on the Farm is a beautiful board book that introduces children to farm animals.

My First Root Children is a classic in our home and one that all of our children have thoroughly enjoyed. The gorgeous images along with simple story makes this ideal for a young age. There is also a more elaborate version for older children.

Pip the Gnome is a sweet seasonal book about a little Gnome and his simple adventures. Children will easily relate to this story.

Rain or Shine, A New Day, Spring, Summer, Winter, Autumn are all board books without text. These books for wonderful for this age group as it gives children the opportunity to create their own story or for you as the parent to create a new story each time. Both you and your child will truly enjoy reading these books together.

 Joan Gannij and Clare Beaton have a series of rhyming, hide and seeks boardbooks that are always popular among young children. The Elusive Moose, The Hidden Hippo, How Loud is a Lion are just among a few.

 I hope you grow to enjoy these books as my children have. Each of the books in our Children's Book section has been carefully chosen because of the solid storyline and beautiful images.





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