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June Re-Cap

Want to know what happened in June at our shop? Here we go:

* We welcomed Gillian as a member of our volunteer weekend staff. She is well on her way to becoming a babywearing expert. Ask her about ring slings, Tula's and wrapping and she will talk your ear off. You will all LOVE her and her growing knowledge about natural and sustainable living.

* We said Goodbye to Sarah, a long time volunteer with us. She has helped us Sunday's for quite some time and we will all dearly miss her. She is spending the summer weekends with her family at the lake (I am so envious!) and will return to her full time job in September as a teacher. She has been a true asset to our shop and are so thankful to for her time that she has shared with us.

* We continue to offer bi-weekly babywearing drop ins, whereby you can bring in any of your carriers from home and we will do our best to help you learn how to use it! Check out our schedule HERE for upcoming dates.

* Many moms have come to visit, chat and share with Alanna during our weekly Breastfeeding Drop-Ins. It has been a real pleasure to host this peer to peer and IBCLC brestfeeding support clinic.

* Did you know that each month we support a local organization? We choose one day of the month whereby we donate 10% of sales. We also leave a jar by our cash desk for customers to leave a donation of their choice. In June, we have been raising money for Almost Home. Learn more about Almost Home HERE. We have already raised $107!

* We received our Twin Nursing Pillow that we raised funds for in March and April for the NICU in Kingston!!!! It will join the TWO single nursing pillows we already sent over. Thank you to everyone who donated and helped make this an extremely successful fundraiser.


We quietly launched our new online Waldorf Store - NaturChild. A waldorf inspired supply store for families across Canada. Many of these products will be available for purchase and viewing in our Go Green Baby store. But stay up to date by visiting our NaturChild website or Facebook Page.

* New Products we received this month:

Restock of Tula's (finally!). We got in some beautiful new patterns from Tula.


Personalize Name Puzzles by Re-wood Toys have taken over the shop and been a hit!

Bravado Body Silk Seamless restock and new color: Silver Belle


Birthday Rings and Accessories made by Re-wood Toys. You will love having these as part of your child's birthday ritual. Learn more HERE.


Kinderville Silicone Cups, Plates, Divided Trays, Storage Jars and Popsicle Molds.



Ergo 360 Carriers are new to us and now available in our Babywearing Tutorial and Loan Program, along with a restock of Ergo Originals.


 A huge order of new children's and Waldorf books! You can view some of them HERE.


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December 21, 2015

. That was a long long time ago in a land far far away. Here and now there is the South London Sling Library run by the very friendly and knlloedgeabwe Emily. One cool September afternoon found me consulting with her accompanied by my tearaway toddler and my newborn. The pre-consultation questionnaire had helped me focus and prioritise the many questions I had. So whilst my toddler undressed all the dolls we tried different slings and different methods of using slings. Emily dealt with the difficulties I had experienced with aplomb and there was time to practise my new found skills with baby. Her advice was practical and refreshingly honest when it came to the limitations of babywearing (in my case breastfeeding completely hands free is not going to happen but it clearly works for others). It was marvellous to have someone help guide me through the maze of assorted carriers and moreover fit them to my particular needs. The cherry on top was hiring the best contenders for an in vivo test run before making a final choice.I enjoyed the consultation. Emily’s enthusiasm for all things sling related is infectious and I am still referring to all the information she kindly emailed through. I just wish I didn’t live 40 miles away.

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