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Choosing a natural mattress for you and your family

Choosing a natural mattress for you and your family

Have you thought about the type of mattress you and your child is sleeping on? Have you considered the materials that are both inside and on top of your mattress?

Conventional mattresses are often filled with questionable chemicals and toxins. One of the many concerns that are expressed about conventional mattresses is the use of chemical flame retardants. Children are exposed on a daily basis to flame retardants via several household items - mattresses, polyester pyjamas, and furniture. These flame retardants also have the ability to affect our rivers, streams and lakes, which in turn can have an impact on wildlife and plants. The long term effects of this exposure to children, nature and wildlife are still unknown and largely under studied.

These unknown consequences and effects are what have me concerned as a parent of young children. If I give my children a product, piece of food or clothing, I like to know what the benefits and risks are before I make the purchase. I also like to do my best to ensure that they are receiving the safest product available to them with the information I have available at the time. Unfortunately, there is little testing and regulations when it comes to chemicals and pesticides in and on items (food products, skin care products, clothing, fabrics, furniture, etc). The lack of testing is what makes me nervous and makes me question the long term effects of the choices we are making.

As a result, I do my best to choose products that are as natural as possible and that come from the earth as often as possible. Can I guarantee that these products are 100% safer? No, of course not. Do I believe that natural products are safer than chemical, man made products? Of course!

Babies spend between 10-14 hours per day sleeping on a mattress, and adults spend at least 6-10 per day on their mattresses. In my opinion, a mattress is the most important investments you can make in your health and your child's health.

The cost of an organic mattress can be slightly higher than conventional mattresses; however, for a crib size you will be paying no more than $500. Parents are often spending much more than that on the actual crib or a stroller. High end, trendy strollers are coming in at around $800-$1200. Makes an organic mattress look like a steal of a deal. Not sure you can stomach the cost of an organic mattress along with a crib? Consider purchasing a lower priced crib or even placing your crib mattress directly on the floor and avoiding a crib all together. That way you can put your furniture budget right towards your crib mattress.

We have chosen one mattresses that we feel confident offering our customers. This mattress was carefully over a 6 year period. We looked at research extensively and questioned each of the brands to ensure that we felt confident offering these products to you.

Why Choose a Natural Rubber (or innerspring) Mattress?

Sleeptek is a mattress manufacturing company based out of Ottawa, Ontario. They make high quality, safe and organic mattresses using the highest quality materials. Sleeptek is our most natural option. If you purchase the natural rubber version (which we highly suggest you do! It is much more comfortable than the innerspring), you are getting a completely natural mattress with little man made material inside. The Sleeptek Natural Rubber mattress is made with an organic rubber inner core (the centre of the mattress). Did you know that pure rubber comes from a rubber tree (see this page HERE). This rubber core is covered with organic wool. Wool is a natural flame retardant material that meets all fire retardant requirements in Canada. Why isn't everyone using this natural flame retardant? The organic wool is then topped with a beautiful organic cotton. This means that anyone sleeping on this natural mattress is not inhaling or absorbing toxins into their bodies. We recommend also purchasing a wool moisture pad to place over top of your mattress so that moisture does not absorb into your mattress. Wool is natural water resistant material and is very easy to clean (call us to find our more 613 344 0390). These mattresses are available in crib, twin, double, queen, and kind size.



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