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5 Breastfeeding Resources in Kingston

5 Breastfeeding Resources in Kingston

The breastfeeding scene is starting to perk up in Kingston! Ladies we have options. As someone who has struggled with breastfeeding for several of my children, I recognize the value in support and resources in our community!

In the past it is has been a struggle to find breastfeeding support in Kingston, but recently the city has seen an increase in drop in clinics and lactation consultants. It is such a blessing to see all the support and the professionals coming together to help and support women during their breastfeeding experience.

Here is an up to date list of breastfeeding resources in Kingston:

1) La Leche League - A long standing organization in Kingston. A community based group that meets twice per month in Kingston to offer support for breastfeeding families (pre and post baby). Facilitated by an experience breastfeeding mother with La Leche League specific training. 

2) Public Health Clinics - Breastfeeding clinics with certified Lactation Consultants available during regular business hours. Must call ahead to make an appointment. 

3) Kingston Breastfeeding Connection - A weekly breastfeeding clinic with a certified Lactation Consultant. Meets at the Community Midwives of Kingston (but please note you are not required to be a midwife client, It is open to the public!). Find out about private consultations HERE.

4) Kingston Breastfeeding Peer Support Program - A peer to peer program from Kingston Community Health Centres specifically geared to parents and families in North Kingston. This program is run by a Lactation Consultant.

5) Queen's Family Medicine Drop in Clinic - A weekly breastfeeding drop in clinic for families facilitated by a certified Lactation Consultant. Private counselling also available.


If you ever want to chat, share stories or are looking for breastfeeding support (without the medical background), you are more than welcome to stop in our shop to chat with any of our staff. All of our moms are experienced breastfeeding mamas and would love to offer support and share their experience with you. 


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