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4 Affordable & Organic Essentials for Your Newborn

4 Affordable & Organic Essentials for Your Newborn

When it comes to organic and your newborn baby there isn't much that you need! We believe that you can purchase only what you need and make more ethical, conscious and fair purchases at the same time. 

Why is this important? 

The reality is that we don't have the longitudinal studies or research to support the fact that pesticides and other harmful chemical ARE safe! Even when a company suggests that their ingredient/product/material is safe we still have to question the safety when used in conjunction with all other items in our lives. Does one crib sheet with pesticides make a difference? Most likely not! But when you combine that sheet with a mattress, blankets, clothing, food and air, it can add up to a significant amount of toxins in your home and on your body. Where is the testing for these interactions and these accumulations? How do we know how much is too much? 

Instead of being proactive and testing materials, ingredients and products before putting them on the market companies make their product and sell it - without testing, without knowledge, without research. 

Personally I have a major problem with that process.

I want to know the safety of ingredients, materials and substances are being put IN and ON my baby before it reaches the market. I don't want to find out in 10 years from now that a product was unsafe due to the ingredients or materials and that it affected my child's health. 

As a result, I do my best to choose as many organic products as possible. Organic products contain minimal pesticides or harmful chemicals/ingredients inside or within them. They are often manufactured using sustainable and ethical practices (for people and the planet) and are tested using rigorous testing methods. 

Here are our top Organic Newborn Essentials for your Baby:

1) Ergo Cocoon Swaddle Wrap

2) Anointment Calendula Soap

3) Go Green Baby Bum Balm (though really it is all purpose)

4) Bummis Organic Cotton Prefolds

Remember the key to purchasing organics affordably is to buy less. You don't need 10 swaddle blankets for your baby - 2 or 3 will do! You don't need 15 newborn outfits, 3-5 will be more than enough. You will be doing laundry every day regardless! 

Keep your items to a minimum and focus on quality over quantity. It can seem hard in a world where we are inundated with products and messages from the media encouraging us to constantly buy more and more. But we are here to break the truth. MORE will not make you or your baby any happier. It will make your bank account look empty and will create more clutter for you!

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