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Cuddly who? Wrap what?

Cuddly who? Wrap what?

I know, I know. You are not convinced. The wrap seems so complicated. So long. So much fabric. Too warm. Too hard. Too time consuming.

It's true! The wrap can be all these things. It can be each of them if you let it be.


It can be easy. It can be warm. It can be comfortable. It can be a life saver (literally. At 2 in the morning you will thank me). It can be everything you want it to be an more, for at least 4 to 6 months.



Both me and MY husband both LOVE the Cuddly Wrap. You don't believe me do you? How can your husband love the cuddly wrap? Well, he does. He loves it almost as much as me and our children. Feel free to stop in the shop on Thursday or Friday and ask him. He will give you a quick demonstration, with your baby if you want.

Why the Cuddly Wrap? The Cuddly Wrap is by far our favorite carrier in the shop and also our most popular. Here are THREE reasons why we love it (there are lots more but we don't want to bore you):

1) Easier to use than you think. While you may think the fabric is long and too much for your body, I promise you that it is not! Like any other carrier, there is always a learning curve. Nothing is easy the first time or second time you use. It takes practice getting everything right, especially with a crying baby in your ear.

2) It is excellent for bonding and skin to skin, whether with your first, second, third, fourth baby. Baby sits rights next to your skin all cuddled close. This is essentially when and if you get to the second, third, fourth, etc.

3) Hands free! This carrier is truly hands free with young babies. You can wash dishes, take the dog for walk, do a cartwheel, or sleep with baby attached to you.

And because I want to share my love of Cuddly's with you, I have taken the time to do a video for you. It is awesome and I know you will love it.


ps. These are made in Canada AND are organic cotton!!!



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