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8 Baby Basics for Eco Conscious Families

8 Baby Basics for Eco Conscious Families

The baby market is booming and there are thousands of "must have's" for your baby. Everybody who enters your life, for even the briefest moment, has a list of everything they consider to be essential and necessary for when your little bundle of joy arrives. 

Our family takes a minimalist approach to parenting and life. We do have an appreciation for beauty and esthetics, along with design and style in our home but we are careful about quality as well. We choose items that have a purpose and that we know will stand the test of time (aka. stand the test of 4 kids).

So, what's on our list? What do we consider to be must-have's for new babies?

1. Cloth Diapers

Reuseable diapers are a top must have for the eco conscious family. On average babies will go through 4000-6000 diapers! Cloth diapers are a green and healthy way to keep toxins out of the ground and off your baby. Learn more about what you need to get started and the different styles of diapers in our Cloth Diaper 101 Article

2. Stretchy Wrap

Our stretchy wrap was a go to in the first several months. There is not a day that went by that we didn't use it. Cuddly, warm and snug - baby and you will love this skin to skin carrier. Our Boba wrap is one of the most useful and practical additions to your parenting journey! Not sure how to use your wrap? Don't worry, we can help. Stop in anytime for a demo and to find out how easy they are to use. 

3. Nursing Chair

One item that I wish I had invested in (learn more here about my story). A solid, quality nursing chair will take you far. Our Monte Design chairs are THE best on the market for quality and safety. Handcrafted and sustainably made in Canada using the highest quality materials and free of harmful flame retardants. 

4. Organic Mattress & Crib

Your baby and child will spend up to 12 hours per day in their bed. Why not ensure that they are sleeping on a natural and organic mattress? An organic mattress is one of the most important investments you can make for your baby! Knowing what they are breathing in and laying against every day is incredibly important for our family. Our organic rubber crib mattress is a best seller in our shop based on it's quality and materials. Made in Canada with organic cotton, organic wool and natural rubber. 

Many families are choosing to put their mattress on the ground Montessori style. While that can work with conventional mattresses, a natural mattress will need more breathability. We recommend a non toxic crib for your mattress. Oeuf's green guard certified cribs are the perfect addition to your nursery. They feature finishes that are non toxic, water-based and free of VOC health hazards and are sustainably made. 

5. Tight fitting, Organic Sleeper

I am going to get uncomfortable here and say that you really only need about 3-5 sleepers for your newborn baby. That's it! You don't need any more clothes either. If it is summer time and your home warm, I would switch to onesies. Our Wee Woollies merino wool newborn gowns and sleepers are huge hit and are breathable and as such are designed to keep baby warm in the winter and cool in the summer. 

6. Organic Cotton Swaddle

Despite the massive amounts of swaddle blankets you may receive at your shower, you only need 2-4 swaddle blankets. If you have a heavy spitter upper you could up the quantity to 6-8 swaddle blankets since you may be using them to clean up pukey messes. We love our Bamboobino Bamboo and Organic Cotton swaddle blanket - soft and luxurious!

7. Car Seat

Don't skimp on your car seat! Car Seats were invented to keep your baby safe in an accident. All car seats meet the same standard guidelines; therefore, any car seat being sold on the market is considered safe. Does that mean that all car seats are created equal? Nope! Clek Car Seats are made in Canada and have safety measures in place that no other car seat manufacturer has. Steel frames, rigid latch, energy absorbing crumple technology. Is your brain spinning now? Learn more here!

ps. Avoid any extras for your car seat. Fancy shoulder straps, fuzzy inserts that go inside the seat, seat protectors. Unless your car seat manufacturer has tested these items they have not been tested for safety. 

8. Organic Skin Care - Soap & Bum Cream

Clean and soothe your baby with natural and organic options. Baby's skin is more sensitive and as a result can react to chemicals in traditional soaps and creams. We love our house Orange and Lavender Foaming Soap and All Purpose Balm (made locally by Alli!). 

What's on your list of MUST-HAVE'S for baby? What could you live without? What did you use the most?  

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