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Bringing nature into your holidays

Bringing nature into your holidays

It can be easy to forget about nature this time year. The glitz and glam of the holidays has a tendency to take over, to invade our homes and our lives. To intrude into our home and take a big long nap, leaving us feeling exhausted and overwhelmed at the end. 


There are many ways that we can bring more simplicity and less stress to our holidays. Our family loves bringing nature into our holidays. It helps us to feel grounded and reconnect with the outdoors. Keeps us in check and brings down our anxiety levels.

Every. Single. Time.

There are so many different ways you can bring nature into your lives over the coming weeks, here are just a few:

* Create a Nature Table or corner in your home where children can bring in items from nature. Check out our Pinterest Winter Nature Tables Board for ideas and inspiration. It can be as simple as having a space on a shelf, a corner in a room or a little side table. Pinecones, branches, dried leaves, rocks, or wool. Use a beautiful white Sarah's Silk Playsilk to create snowy covering on your nature table.

* A natural Christmas tree is a wonderful way to bring the outdoors into this festive season. There is a lot of controversy out there about Real vs Fake Christmas trees. Read a little more here. Our family prefers a natural tree because we think there is something more meaningful about bringing nature into our home during this busy time of year. BUT, there are ways to use recycled branches, logs and other materials to create a recycled or repurposed tree in your home.

* Spend more time outdoors in nature! Children love spending time outdoors and winter is a beautiful time of year for children to to take a walk in the woods and explore the forests in a different state. While exploring, encourage children to find items for their nature table, for an advent activity or for creating a wreath.

* Make (or buy!) gifts out of natural materials. Wool and wood are perfect materials for winter and for gifts for the holidays. You can even package gifts in natural materials (a cotton cloth or tea towel make perfect wrapping for small gifts).

* Merino wool clothing is warm and breathable making it an ideal material for winter! Wear it as long underwear so that your children can take off layers as they move around and play. 

* A nativity scene created with wooden and woollen animals and people are a perfect way of bringing the outdoors into the holiday season. Painting rocks can also create a simple and inexpensive nativity set.

* Wooden toys are a perfect way to bring the outdoors into your home. There is something about the smell of wood that brings calm and peace to a home. Wooden blocks, wooden cars and puzzles are an easy way to introduce your children to wooden toys.

* A wooden advent spiral with beeswax candles brings nature to you and helps you count the days to Christmas. Don't worry if you missed half the month or you forget days, you can just keep counting on! Ps. If you are looking for one these, send an email to and my husband can make one ($40). We sell the candles too!


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December 21, 2015

Trout fishing is atoelubsly wonderful for anyone with a back problem, and something that allows you to spend time with your children without them getting bored. They can run around or sit and chill, and you can all enjoy whatever scenery is at your disposal. Throw in a picnic lunch, maybe some competetive natures, and it’s a real afternoon or morning treat.Have lived in Detroit area for many years.

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