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Winter Babywearing

Winter Babywearing

It's cold out. The wind is blowing. Snow if turning circles in the sky.


Your baby is crying. You are all feeling cabin feverish. You need to get outside.

What to do? What do do?

Grab your favorite carrier (mine is the Moby Wrap for a new baby and my Ergo Baby Carrier for older babies) and take your babe for a walk.

I know, I know. What about their little cheeks, what about their little toes? How do you keep those little fingers, toes and head warm?

This time of year we are always talking about ways to keep babies warm outdoors and especially while babywearing.

My preferred method is quite basic. I put baby in a nice fleece snowsuit (MEC makes this awesome ONE that we have now used for FOUR kids!) and I strap baby into the carrier ON TOP of my own jacket. If the weather is especially blustery, I will throw a muslin blanket over the baby (you can tie two corners onto the straps of your carrier).

For many moms and dads this solution can be a process. Your body heats up really quickly and it becomes difficult wrapping or attaching baby onto you with your own puffy jacket.

SO, here are a few others options you can try:

Kokoala Jacket Extender: An extender that ZIPS into your jacket for a seamless winter weather cover. Can be flipped to become a pregnancy jacket extender as well! This is the creme de la creme and definitely worth it for the convenience.

Ergo Baby Carrier Winter Cover: This attaches to the outside of your baby carrier and keeps baby cozy by adding an extra layer of warmth (also adds water protection). Baby would wear a lightweight jacket or snowsuit underneath and you would would wear your jacket underneath it all.

Chimparoo Babygloo: Same idea as the Ergo Baby Carrier Winter Cover, but a little warmer and a little more heavy duty. It is also made in Canada! This is for the outdoor enthusiast.

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  • I’ve been doing the same as you mentioned. Both baby and me bundled with the carrier over my jacket. I think the zip-in jacket extension thing would be awesome, so we could go from one place to another and just take off my jacket when we get there, not have to take baby down, take off both of our warm gear and put baby back on again. That being said, I think they’re too expensive for us, so we’ll keep going as we are :)

    Jennifer Weir on

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