Zero Waste Living for you and your family

Forever grateful

Forever grateful

YOU are all amazing, awesome and fabulous!

Our family is forever grateful for all the love, support and kindness we receive from our amazing community - both online and in store.

Running a business with a family is tough! There are many days where my children need me and so do all of you. Our children are filled with so much patience and understanding as they constantly share my husband and I with you. There are times when I miss bedtime, spend all night working on the computer ignoring their requests for another story, spend my days running around performing shop related errands, and many weekend days spent away from them working.

We know we are not perfect - not perfect parents, not perfect business owners, not perfect friends, not perfect people.


We do know that we are doing our best and that what we are doing is good enough!  It has all been worth it - each and every moment. All the struggles, all the late nights, all the early mornings, all the long days. It is worth it for us and for our children. We know that they will be better, stronger and more patient with others because of it. They will be pioneers, leaders and stewards to their community and for our planet.

We love meeting each and every one of you. We love sharing our lives, ideas and knowledge with you. We love learning from you and your families and growing together as parents, friends and citizens of this beautiful planet we share. 

Now that I am all teary eyed, let's end by saying a huge

Enjoy your family, your beautiful children, and the outdoors. Be grateful for the time you have together as a family and we will too!

We look forward to seeing in you in the New Year, which by the way is 2016. How did that happen?


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