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*ALL SALES ARE FINAL* 30% off store-wide, applied at checkout.
A Note from the Heart

A Note from the Heart

On a more personal note from Amanda, you were among the most important people in my life over the last five years. I considered it a personal responsibility to ensure that everyone who came through our doors felt cared for & safe. One of the most vulnerable moments in your life: the growth of your family, was happening in uncertain, destabilizing times. 

I wanted to provide you with a place where you felt safe to express yourself & find a chance for connection beyond the capitalism necessary to keep this space running. I wanted this because I intimately knew just how hard things can get when devastation hits during pregnancy & the early years.

I was 32 weeks pregnant when my father-in-law passed away, followed by 2 more devastating losses within our family in the first two months of our baby being born. Once I got my feet back under me, my outlet for healing became finding ways to create more support networks for parents & caregivers of all kinds in the Kingston area. We are parents but also we are whole people outside of our caregiver & life-giver identities. That complex intersection is where I felt pulled. 

I had a deep passion to see this come to fruition in our studio space. But my own personal health challenges have gotten in the way. While I’m devastated to see the space I poured a 15-year dream & 3 years of literal blood, sweat, & tears vanish in front of my eyes, I still have hope for the future. This change will allow us to pay the CEBA loan & make space for someone else who is ready to take over with fresh passion, excitement, & drive for the beautiful young family community here in Kingston. 

When we took a leap of faith in Go Green Baby 5 years ago, it was not because we were looking for a way to get into retail. It was that we were looking for a way to connect with & thank the community that took us in under their wings, knowing little about us new folks in town. 

Like the Japanese pottery mending art of kintsugi, your connections brushed gold into the cracks in our heartbreak. Something we can luckily never forget. Instead of hiding behind this pain, we became brave enough to put it on display; showing our children by example that we can do hard sh*t. And we’ll keep doing it because, like climate change, brushing problems under the rug does little to fix anything. 

I’m deeply grateful for you & your connections, time, loyalty, & patronage over the last 5 years. We’re so excited to pass the torch to the next stewards of this rare Kingston gem.  

For sincere and serious inquiries, please direct your correspondence to Amanda at

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