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Fall in love with Anointment. We did!

Fall in love with Anointment. We did!

Anointment is a new brand for our shop and one that we have quickly and easily fallen in love with! 

Based out of Sackville, New Brunswick and owned by April Mackinnon, a mom to three beautiful children. April was also the original owner of a lovely little shop in Halifax called Nurtured. Nurtured shares similar values and has a shared business approach as Go Green Baby - community and information focused. While running Nurtured, she acquired Anointment from a local soap maker. She has since been bringing Anointment to life and sharing its products across the country. 



Why we love anointment?

* Made by hand in small batches.

* High quality organic ingredients, along with many herbs that are grown by Anointment.

* Focus on pregnancy, postpartum and babies. 

* Safe and natural with no chemicals.

* Sustainable company practices - Their Baby Oil was awarded an EcoChoice Award at NYNOW (2014) for its sustainable manufacturing processes.


Products we {LOVE}

* Skin Soothing Balm - Perfect for bad rashes, eczema, minor burns or irritations. I use this on sunburns, dry skin, and even as a tattoo healing balm!

* Baby Balm - Perfect for everything, literally. We use it on bum rashes, for cradle cap, as a general moisturizer on the babes and kids skin. Essentially just rub it all over your baby, you won't regret it!

* Calendula Soap - Another one that we use all the time and for everyone. This is our family bar soap. The smell is delicious and ingredients minimal. Plus, calendual is a healing herb so it can help with skin irritations. 

* Postpartum Herbs - Perfect for after you have baby. Have yourself a quiet, peaceful bath with these healing herbs. It helps with swelling, tearing and those dreadful hemorrhoids.

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