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Feature Friday: Bravado Dream Tank

Feature Friday: Bravado Dream Tank

One of my favorite pregnancy and nursing tops is the Bravado Dream Tank.

The comfort and support with this bra is superb. You will not be disappointed with this tank top. It is a built in, molded, double layered full support bra. This is not your average tank bra.

We love that the style is fitted and hip length. As a tall mama, I find many tank tops to be either really short or really long. This tank comes in at the perfect length for wearing over top of pants or for tucking in.

We recommend having a nursing tank on hand for overnight nursing. Wearing a bra all day long and all night can be especially uncomfortable. The engorgement from breastfeeding will have you wanting support around the clock. For overnight we love the tank because it has slightly less tension across the rib band and it has belly coverage. No one wants to lift up their shirt in a cold bedroom at night.

Made with cotton this tank is breathable and soft. Personally I find synthetic fabrics to be irritating on my skin and it can often be challenging to find cotton options. Bravado does a wonderful job of offering more natural materials for those of us who appreciate it.

How many bras should I have?

When breastfeeding we recommend having a minimum of 2 bra options - whether that be 1 bra and 1 tank, 2 bras, 2 tanks. You will be wearing your bra all day every day and you will want to have a spare if not 2 spares.

What bra do you recommend using for breastfeeding?

We recommend the Bravado Body Silk Seamless or Momzelle Seamless Bra as comfortable, t-shirt style bras. Supportive, cozy and transitional.

What about large busted women?

The Bravado Dream Tank works really well for large busted women! We have had little complaints about the style. No uniboob with this one. We also have the Bravado Essential Embrace Bra which is popular among large busted women.

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