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Feature Friday: Bummis Best Ever Bibs

Time and time again we hear that these bibs truly are the best.

They wash well, wear well and work well.

Bummis has been a leader in eco friendly products for over 20 years. Originally selling cloth diapers, Bummis has in recent years ventured into other products using their cloth diaper materials. It's no wonder they didn't start sooner. Their new products have been a hit.

The Best Ever Bibs are made in Canada (yay!) using a laminated cotton which is known for its water proofness - aka no leaking. Which ultimately means that your babies clothes will not get wet or dirty underneath.

Materials used for cloth diapering are designed to last and be washed over and over again. This makes them the ideal material for other essential items in baby's life.

Bummis created two versions of their best ever bib. The traditional style bib and the long sleeve bib. Obviously we love both of these for different reasons.

The traditional Best Ever Bib is perfect for baby's first foods. Mess free, clean eating right from the start. While not designed for drooling (as their is no moisture absorbing material), these bibs are perfectly designed for catching food misses and falls. The pocket is ideal for those extra crumbs and drops that inevitably miss the mouth. Wait a second? Do they make these in adult sizes? Two snap settings on the back allow the bib to transition for your growing food monster.

Got a really messy eater? A toddler with a vengeance for staining all of their clothes? Bring in the Bummis Best Ever SLEEVED Bib. No more clothing or full body messes. We only figured out the sleeved bib when we had our fourth baby. How we fed 3 other babies without this bib is beyond me. Better late than never, right? The full length bib is adjustable and will fit your baby from 8 months to 2/3 years. Sadie can still wear hers at 2.5 years.

Throw your bibs in the machine with your regular laundry and dry in dryer or hang to dry.


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