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Feature Friday: CaaOcho Rubber Bath Toys

Feature Friday: CaaOcho Rubber Bath Toys

Looking for a great all purpose toy? Look no further than CaaOcho Rubber toys.

CaaOcho is owned and operated by a lovely family British Columbia. They created their own line of safe, non toxic, rubber toys and teethers.

It is really hard to find natural and non toxic toys for the bathtub so I was really excited when I learnt about CaaOcho.

We love these toys because they are multi purpose. They can be used as bath toys, teethers and play time toys! I know I say this often, but all my children with their rubber toys whether it be in the bath or free play.

Do you know what Caaocho means? “Caaocho” is the word for “rubber” in South American Indian languages and means “weeping wood” from “caa” meaning “wood” and “ocho” meaning “weep”.

They select only 100% pure natural rubber for all Caaocho toys and teethers. Natural rubber is made from the sap of the rubber tree Hevea. This 100% natural material is produced sustainably and is biodegradable.

Caaocho toys and teethers are certified non-toxic. Caaocho wants to help you support your baby’s best health and surround them with all natural playthings and teethers. With Caaocho, you can be sure your baby will touch or mouth on only 100% natural and certified non-toxic toys and teethers.

All caaocho bath toys are hermetically sealed to prevent mold growth and bacteria accumulation. This is particularly awesome since we don't have to worry about bacteria and mold growing inside our bath toys.

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