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FEATURE FRIDAY: Grimm's Large Stacking Rainbow

FEATURE FRIDAY: Grimm's Large Stacking Rainbow

Having only acquired this item in our home last year, it goes without saying that I should have brought this amazing toy home years ago! What was I thinking? 

The Grimm's Large Stacking Rainbow has been used every day in our home since it's arrival last Christmas. It is played with by each one of our children - Kohen age 10, Ryann age 8, Scarlett age 5, and Sadie age 3. Up front though I will say that the three girls play with it the most. Kohen is aging out of toys and moving into less imaginative play, but he will still pick it up at least a couple times per week to include it in one of his activities or games. 

Why do we love it so much?

The large stacking rainbow can be used in a multitude of different ways, as you will see below in examples of the product itself and examples of our own children playing with it. Often when we purchase toys at traditional toy stores (ahem, you know who we are talking about) many of the toys are designed to only have one purpose or one result. Push this button and this happens. We saw it last year with the Hatchimels and this year we are seeing it with the Fingerlings. Push the button and the monkey babbles. Pet it's head and it makes a noise. Do this and the result is this. 

You may be asking what's wrong with that. Why is that a problem?

Well it's not if you are buying a toy for your child that will keep them happy for about 5 minutes and then they will move on. Or if you are looking for a toy that "all the other kids have" and your kid needs it to. Or if you are looking for a toy to throw your money away on because it will end up in the garbage in less than one month because it is broken.

BUT.... if you are looking for a toy that will last years to come, that will encourage your children to use their imagination and show creativity, and that will help them build skills, then you should probably steer clear of those one shot wonders.

When looking for toys for your children consider toys that can be used for open play - that have a variety of ways to use them and that are not "stuck" in one position. Toys that are multi-use and inspire creativity and free play. 

The Grimm's Large Rainbow is an example of a toy that can do so much more than what the eye sees. Below you will find some examples of how children can use the stacking rainbow, but of course your child may use it in so many different ways as my children have done. There is no right or wrong way to use these toys, only how your children discover them!




Some examples of the rainbow being used in our home: 

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