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Feature Product: Momzelle Seamless Bra

Feature Product: Momzelle Seamless Bra

We have been avid Bravado Designs fans for years and are always on the look out for new, comfy and practical nursing bras. Over the years I have tried several brands on myself and have never found another bra I loved as much as Bravado in terms of comfort, functionality and style.


Momzelle sent a sample of their new Seamless Bra for a new mama to test out in our community. Momzelle has been in the breastfeeding clothing business for years and have recently expanded into bras.

We sent their new seamless bra out to a new mama to give it a test run and here is what she had to say:

1) Fit - The bra was comfortable all around and was perfect for the first few months of nursing (hopefully longer too!). The size range is generous and accommodates growing breasts well. One thing to note about the Momzelle is that they actually carry an XS. Many breastfeeding brands do not offer bras for A cups and Momzelle has that covered with their XS. Small breasted woman can now have access to a comfy nursing bra. 

2) Support - The large rib band makes gives this bra excellent support (see below in image the thick band). The pads can be removed or added in for more of a formed cup shape. The bra offered excellent support for around the house and active movement. It worked extremely well during yoga classes and while at the gym. 

3) Functionality - The bra can be worn with regular shoulder straps OR it can be crossed in the back. This feature came in especially handy during the warm spring and summer months. I prefer a crossed strap for added support! The clip was also easy to undo and do back up single handed. 

4) Material - The only concern I had was that the material was synthetic. I did find in the summer that when I was working out or doing yoga the material got quite warm against my skin. It was fine during regular outings and for at home use, but for gym and yoga use I would have preferred either a more wicking material or a more natural material. Overall all though the material feels very nice and has a smooth, silky feel to it! 

5) Affordable - The price of the bra is very reasonable and one of the most affordable bras on the market. 

Be sure to stop in anytime to try on bras, discuss your breastfeeding needs and get support! You are also more than welcome to give us a call and we can help you choose the best size of your. 613 344 0390


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