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Forward-Facing Car Seat Safety

by Amanda Findley September 24, 2018

Forward-Facing Car Seat Safety

Did you blink and suddenly your little is not so little anymore?! When your child has grown out of the hight or weight limits in rear-facing mode it's time to make the big move into forward-facing!

This can be a game changer for you and your child. All of a sudden they see what you see, including you at the wheel! Remember to set a good example for them by modelling the behaviours you would like them to have when they start learning to drive. It's never to early to teach them how to be safe in the car, and more importantly, paying attention to driving and the roads keeps you and all your passengers safer.

As the weather starts to cool down, remember that wearing thick or puffy coats and jackets under the straps can affect how tight you can get them and therefore the safety of the fit. For young babies, a nice cozy blanket on top of them once they're strapped in is ideal. For older children, thin coats like these disana organic wool jackets are perfect for wearing in a car seat because they are thin without compromising on warmth thanks to the wonderful temperature regulating abilities of wool. (Always be sure to have the straps on your child's harness tight.)

What if you've got a thick, puffy coat? Simply strap your child into their seat without their coat on and put the sleeves back on their arms so the coat is on backwards. This will keep them warm and safe with a snug straps. When the heat in the car has kicked in, they will easily be able to take the coat off so they won't overheat like the cutie in the photo below has. Win, win, win!


Clek Inc. has a fantastic series of photos showing the key points to check when getting your child strapped into their forward-facing seat. The biggest difference between forward- and rear-facing strap adjustments is where the harness straps are located on their shoulders. In forward-facing, the straps need to be at or above your child's shoulders. 

Young child forward-facing in a purple Clek car seat with text "harness straps at or above shoulders"


Young child forward-facing in a purple Clek car seat with text "visible slack removed from the hips"

Young child forward-facing in a purple Clek car seat with text "unable to pinch a horizontal fold in the harness straps"
Young child forward-facing in a purple Clek car seat with text "chest clip at armpit level"
Young child forward-facing in a purple Clek car seat with text "buckle tongues locked into buckle"
Road trips and I spy, fun fun fun!
For more information, please check out the following resources:
Forward-Facing Child Seat by SEATS for Kids
Forward-Facing Checklist by Clek Inc.
Baby, It's Cold Outside! by Clek Inc.
Latch or Seat Belt? by Clek Inc.

Amanda Findley
Amanda Findley


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