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If you have ever talked to Jamin in our shop about baby gifts you will know that the Elks and Angels Cuddle Bear is his favorite! Maybe it is because it is Scarlett's favorite cuddle toy for sleeping. 

Made with 100% Australian sheepskin, baby safe eyes and nose and a securely attached velvet ribbon. The Cuddle Bear is flat making it safe for baby in their crib and creating an easy, maneuverable toy for little ones. They can squish it up close against their skin or use as a pillow. 

Elks and Angels is born of a powerful thought: A baby's environment should be as natural safe and as comfortable as the one they just left.  The nature and spirit of Elks and Angels is based on simple and wholesome values: the highest quality of materials, inherent beauty and craftsmanship, the environment and the child's comfort.

At Go Green Baby we follow a similar philosophy which is why the cuddle bear has made our list of top items. Most teddy bears and snuggle toys are made with polyester materials leaving concerning materials against your child's skin.

A baby's world is a tactile one, where touch is a significant sense experienced on a baby's day-to-day life. for this reason, materials that contribute to the sensorial experience and child's health and safety are a top priority at Elks and Angels. They give preference to materials that are natural, gentle and a pleasure to touch, ensuring that your baby is cocooned in only the most pure and natural of materials. our products are manufactured to the superior standard you would expect from any premium brand.

Elks and Angels' cuddle bear is inspired by the wonders of pure australian sheepskin: a material that is inarguably the best sheepskin in the world. It is renowned for its powerful benefits that help calm and nurture babies. Elks and Angels has researched and found what they consider to be the softest and silkiest sheepskin available - We can vouch for this statement! The Cuddle Bear is incredibly soft. 

Your little one will adore their Elks & Angels Cuddle Bear with it's soft silky texture. Mum's will love that they are easy to clean and naturally resist bacteria, dirt and odor.

Benefits of Sheepskin for your baby:


-Does not smell or get stinky

-Flame retardant free - wool is a natural flame retardant

-Resistant to static electricity



-Resists dirt

-Excellent insulating properties.

Worried about keeping your cuddle bear clean? Fear not! Warm hand wash your bear and dry in shade.

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