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Friday Feature: Ergo Baby 360

Friday Feature: Ergo Baby 360

Looking for a multi purpose carrier that is ideal for babies from newborn to 1.5 years? The Ergo Baby 360 Carrier is the one for you!

The Ergo Baby 360 fits babies from 7-33 lbs. Not idea for babies older than 1.5 or 2 years but truly a wonderful fitting carrier for baby in the first year and especially for babies who like to be facing outwards. 

Baby can be worn in 4 comfortable positions - Inward front facing, Outward Front Facing, Back Carry and Hip Carry. 

What will caregivers love about this carrier? The cushy shoulder straps and wide waist belt offer maximum support and comfort for the baby wearer. Crossing the straps at the back is also an added feature that separates this carrier from many others. Crossing the straps allows for better distribution of baby's weight across your body. 

What will baby love about this carrier? The narrow spacing for hips - with their unique, structured bucket seat, baby will always be in an ergonomic frog-leg, seated position with her spine in an optimal "C" position. No worries about hip dysplasia with this carrier (compared to carriers such as Baby Bjorn and Snuggly). 

We love that is carrier is made of 100% cotton and is completely machine washable - ideal when you have babies that spit up and poop on a regular basis!

Here are a few extra details: 

Ergobaby 360 Carrier Points


Keeps baby ergonomically seated in all 4 positions, with knees even to or above hips, with baby's spine in curved "C" position. Button adjustments let parents adapt the seat width to the baby's size & position.


Exceptionally comfortable waistband can be worn high or low on the waist depending on preference and provides extra support for the low back.


Can be rolled down for front-outward, or upwards for the inward facing positions to provide extra head, neck and back support for baby.


Helps evenly distribute baby's weight in combination with the wide waistband to maximize parent comfort.


Provides support for baby's head while sleeping, protection from sun and added privacy while nursing. A parent favorite feature.

What is your favourite carrier? Especially for that first year? 

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