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Choosing eco friendly and safe furniture is a priority for families across Canada. Many families don't consider the importance of the crib and look only for design and style; however, many cribs are made with materials that are toxic for the body and off gas for long periods of time. What this means to you and your family is that your baby/child is ingesting these fumes while they are growing and developing. 

In combination with the many other toxins in our environment (pesticides on food, flame retardants in mattresses and furniture, poor indoor air quality, pesticides and flame retardants on clothing, environmental toxins, etc) these toxins can overload a small baby's system. 

Are there any companies that make safe cribs and furniture for children?

Yes of course! Oeuf is one of those companies. All of their furniture is made from sustainably sourced wood or eco-MDF (we prefer the wood versions), and finished with non-toxic, water-born coatings & paint. They are all made under European environmental standards which are more strict than Canadian and US standards. All of their packaging is made of recycled cardboard and they use responsible recycling. 

Each piece is also Green Guard Gold Certified. Learn more about Green Guard Certification HERE.

What do we love about the Oeuf Rhea Crib?

The Oeuf Rhea crib is a modern twist on standard crib designs, offering a sleek look and high quality construction. The warm wood tones and matte white combine beautifully to fit any decor. The crib comes with 3 adjustable mattress positions and has a low overall height for easy access. 

We love the small footprint of their cribs helping them utilize space more efficiently. 

All of Oeuf cribs fit standard size mattresses. We prefer the Sleeptek organic rubber mattress as a safe and non toxic option. 

What options does the Oeuf Rhea come in?

The Oeuf Rhea Crib comes in both Walnut with white accent and Birch with white accent.

We have this model on show in our shop for your viewing.  

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