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Friday Feature: Twinklebelle Grow with Me Hats

Friday Feature: Twinklebelle Grow with Me Hats

We absolutely LOVE our Twinklebelle Grow with Me Hats and so do many of you. Which means we wanted to take a minute to share this amazing product with those of you who have not yet discovered it. We don't want you to miss out ;)

Twinklebelle Designs is a Vancouver based company. Founded and run by women, Twinklebelle values the empowerment of women and girls. It has been providing sustainable income to women in Canada and overseas since its start, and sponsors various projects promoting the empowerment of women and girls.

We have been carrying these hats for several years now and have only ever had positive responses. We are constantly selling out due to the popularity of these hats.

Three AMAZING Features of the Twinklebelle Grow with Me Hats:

1) Adjustability - aka Grow with Me

They come in THREE sizes:

Small fits 0-9 mths (head up to 18")

Medium fits 9 mths to 3 years (head up to 20.5")

Large fits 3 years to 12 years (head up to 22"). 

The small size is perfect for infants. Many families have difficulty finding sun hats that fit properly on smaller weighing babies (5-10 lbs). The Twinklebelle Grow with Me Hats fit them extremely well.

I can personally attest to the adjustability as I have used all sizes and continue to use the large size hat with all FOUR of my children (aged 3-10 years).

2) Chin Strap

All I can say is YES!!! Do you want the hat to stay on your baby? If so, you need a chin strap. 

ps. I love the breakaway safety clasp on the chin strap.

3) Lightweight material

All of Twinklebelle Grow with Me Hats are made with a breathable 50+ UPF cotton. No sweaty hot heads. The lightweight fabric also makes them great for water use. They dry really quickly after swimming. 

To learn more and check out our video below:

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