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Get Started With Cloth Diapers Today in 4 Easy Steps

Get Started With Cloth Diapers Today in 4 Easy Steps

Overwhelmed with cloth diapers? All the choices, options and styles? 

Navigating the cloth diaper world can seem overwhelming but it doesn't have to be. 

We have done much of the hard work for you by finding well made, high quality and good fitting diapers for your family. We are here to support you and help make this decision the right one for your baby and family!

We know that you want to do what is best for your child! We did too! When we first had our first child 10 years ago we wanted to give cloth diapers a try since we knew it was better for the planet, our wallet and our baby. We wanted to change the planet one diaper at a time. 

Fast forward 10 years and we have been through our fair share of diapers, styles and brands. We have also built an amazing community of mamas, dads and families who also have the same values we do about changing the planet and our own lives. 

Wondering how you can get started without feeling overwhelmed? 


Here we go!

1) Start with 6-10 diapers. It won't get you through a full day but it will give you an opportunity to try a few diapers to see which style you like best and then you can move forward from there.

Which ones?

2 x Mother-ease Sandy + 1 Air Flow Cover

2 x AMP One Size Duo + 2 Hemp Inserts 

1 x Pack of Prefolds (6 per pack) + 1 Duo Brite Cover

This actually gives you 10 diapers! The prefolds come in a pack of six which bumps up your stash (that's lingo for your cloth diaper collection)

2) Get yourself a wetbag. A what? Wet bag. It's waterproof bag that stores your dirty diapers. They are a multi purpose bag that can also be used for swim gear, lunches, change of clothes, etc.

3) Grab a pack of flushable liners for the poop.

4) Use a non toxic detergent for cleaning the diapers.

That's all you need to get started!



Once I have my diapers what is the first thing I do?

Wash them 3-5 times with your detergent to build up absorbency. After they are dry from the final washing put them on your baby. It is best to give it a try during the day while at home so that you feel most comfortable and see how they function.

How do I wash my diapers?

1) Hot regular wash (top loaders should fill the water right to the top)

2) Extra Cold rinse cycle

3) Machine dry on Medium or hang to dry

I am loving my diapers, how many more do I need?

You will need a total of approximately 24 diapers to get you through 2-3 days of laundry. We don't recommend leaving them longer than 3 days before washing as they tend to hold smells more easily. 

I'm having trouble with my diapers, what should I do?

Give us a call at 613 344 0390 and talk to one of our amazing staff or email and we can help you trouble shoot! There could be a variety of reason why they aren't working out for you and we can quickly help you navigate your individual situation.

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