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How to choose the right diaper

How to choose the right diaper

Choosing a  reusable diaper can seem overwhelming. Sizes, colours, styles, materials, manufacturing country, breathability, moisture wicking.

Is your brain feeling cluttered by now?

How does one choose the right diaper for your family when there are so many options on the market?

There are a two key questions you can ask yourself when choosing diapers to get you started.

1) How much do I want to spend?

2) What is most important to me?

Let's start with how much you want to spend. Just like anything, you can spend as little or as much as you want when purchasing diapers. On average, most families are spending between o$700-$900 for a set of diapers and accessories. Obviously this depends on many factors.

This is where question number two comes into play - what is most important to you?

When looking for cloth diapers here are the key factors families consider:

Affordability - This is concern for many cloth diapering families. While the savings pay off long term, the initial investment can be costly up front. Fitted diapers and prefolds are the most affordable options for families.

Fit - How does the diaper fit baby? This is a little bit of a catch 22. What fits an infant well may not fit a toddler quite as well. Keep this in mind when this is your guiding factor - you may be investing in several sizes or styles throughout your baby's diaper years.

Absorbency - Does the diaper absorb well. Fitted diapers like Mother-ease Sandy and One Size absorb much more than an all in one (AIO) style such as the AMP AIO. Hemp or bamboo inserts absorb more than cotton and will have more absorbency than cotton.

Leak Proofness - Does your diaper leak regularly? Pocket diapers and AIO style diapers will typically leak more than a fitted diaper like Mother-ease Sandy and One Size or Prefolds. Having a separate cover (outer waterproof layer) that is not attached to the diaper will ensure a better fit and will allow for more layers to be put underneath. Which inevitably leads to less leaks.

Trimness - Many diapers, like the Mother-ease Sandy and One Size, are bulky. Is this something that will bother you? Or do you prefer a trim diaper like the Bummis AIO or AMP AIO.

Materials - What time of material do you want to put against baby's bottom? Natural materials like organic cotton, cotton, bamboo and hemp are more breathable. That being said pocket diapers such as the AMP Duo have moisture wicking fleece against baby's skin.

Ease of Use - AIO's and Pockets are easier to use in that they function similar to a disposable diaper. Many families like this style of diaper for themselves or especially for others who are watching baby (grandparents, babysitters, daycare staff).

So now what? How do you choose?

Our recommendations are the following:

Affordability = Mother-ease One Size and Bummis Prefolds

Leak Proofness and Absorbency =  Mother-ease Sandy and Mother-ease One Size

Ease of Use = AMP Duo or AMP All in One

Trimness = AMP All in One, Bummis All in One

Materials = If you are you looking for moisture wicking consider: AMP Duo, AMP All in One and Bummis All in One. If you are looking for natural materials like cotton, bamboo and hemp consider: Bummis Prefolds (organic cotton) and Mother-ease Sandy and One Size (bamboo and unbleached cotton).

This guide should help you choose the right diaper for your baby and family! We have done most of the work for your over the past 10 years in figuring out which diapers hold up over time, have the least amount of leaks and don't break down as quickly. In the past 10 years we have carrier at least 20 different brands and diapers - what you see now is a culmination of trials and errors. 

Wondering about whether or not you should try out second hand diapers? Check out our article on 4 Considerations Before Buying Cloth Diapers Second Hand. While we typically recommend second hand purchases, diapers is one area where we are just not sure! We see many, MANY, families who have bought second hand only to find themselves in our shop starting fresh again. 

As always stop in our retail location in Kingston, Ontario or give us a call over the phone 613 344 0390 and we can help you choose the perfect diapering for your family and your needs! We are super friendly - I promise.

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