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How to Keep your Baby Warm at Night Going into Winter

How to Keep your Baby Warm at Night Going into Winter

Now that the weather is starting to cool down parents are starting to look for options to keep their babies warm. The summer and fall bring about little worry in terms of keeping baby at the right temperature but as we go into winter we start to wonder what is the right temperature and how can we ensure they are warm enough.

The National Sleep Foundation recommends that a baby's room be kept at a consistent temperature in between 18 and 21 degrees Celsius (65-70 degrees Fahrenheit). In our home we keep our temperature lower at night as we find that we all sleep better and deeper. Warm temperatures can disrupt sleep making your body more restless. 

Now that we know what temperature to keep we must also keep in mind the recommendations for baby's safety. The American Academy of Pediatrics along with Public Health Organizations recommend babies sleep without any loose blankets

So what is a parent to do at night? Dress your baby appropriately!

We recommend having a good quality merino wool sleeper on hand. Merino wool is a temperature regulator (check out this article about the Benefits of Using Merino Wool). It keeps your body warm when it is cold and will keep your body cool when it is warm. Plus it is also breathable and moisture wicking! No sweaty little babes. Polyester and fleece on the other hand have a tendency to overheat babies because their inability to breathe properly. We avoid fleece and polyester pyjamas (they have flame retardants in them! Did you know that?) on the whole and prefer close fitting natural pyjamas without any harmful chemicals. 

Depending on the temperature of your home you may also want to add a sleep sack. Sleep sacks are a safe alternative to blankets. They are essentially a sleeping bag for kids. Arms typically stay out of the sleep sack (don't worry when your babe wakes up in the morning with cold hands...happened to all of our kids but it never seemed to disrupt their sleep). You could put scratch mittens or socks on your babies hands at night if you feel they are too cool (add some sock under their sleeper if you feel they are cold as well). 

We have two different weights of sleep sacks so choose the sleep sack based on which will be more ideal for your home's temperature. 

ps. Don't underestimate the importance of a quality, natural mattress in helping your baby sleep soundly at night. An organic mattress will improve the quality of your baby's sleep significantly. Learn more about the benefits of an organic mattress HERE

What do you dress your baby in at night to keep them warm in the winter? Share your favorites with us!

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