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Morning Routine

Morning Routine

Getting everything done in a day can seem almost impossible, especially with kids. 

Before having kids my morning routine was the perfect example of simplicity mixed with calmness. I would wake up, wander out of my bedroom at whichever pace I liked. I would have a long, leisurely shower with music gently strumming in the background. Then I would take time to blow dry and straighten my hair. I would peruse through my closet and choose the most perfect outfit for the day. My husband and I would then have a healthy, full meal together filled with love. 

When we had children suddenly our life got railroaded. My morning routine turned into an epic journey of trying to get as many extra seconds of sleep as I can. 

All along I was given advice about developing a solid morning routine. All the books, podcasts and Ted talks shared well research and "scientifically proven research" about the importance of developing a  consistent morning routine, which typically involved waking up before your kids.

What? Before my kids? I can't even wake up when they are yelling in my face, how am I supposed to wake up before them? I could barely make it through my day alive and yet somehow I was supposed to take away my precious sleep time? 

BUT, rest assured friends. Once I implemented a rock solid morning routine my life changed. It changed for the better. I suddenly had more time on my hands. So much time I didn't even know what to do with it. For example, last night I sat in my bedroom staring at Jamin discussing what we were going to do that evening. Should we watch a movie? Should we do some work? Should we read a book? The opportunities were endless! 


I promise you that life on the other side will be easier, calmer and more balanced. Finding a morning routine that works for you and your family can be challenging so you may find yourself testing out different routines. Go for it! But don't give up. Give each routine a chance and wait it out. I recommend waiting at least 2-3 weeks before changing. It takes time to build a new routine and to fully embrace. 

Here are some tips that may be beneficial for you:

1) Wake up before the kids - as discussed above. This is pivotal. Find a way to make this happen. Can your partner wake up early with your kids to give you one hour of quiet, uninterrupted time? Can you wake up quietly before your kids (this might need to be at 5am)? Most of us our more productive in the mornings so why not get a head start on your day.

2) Have a cup of warm tea with lemon - Lemon will help jump start your day and the warmth will be especially revitalizing in the coming winter months.

3) Write something - Wake up and write something when you wake up. Gratitudes, journaling, stories.

4) Get your body moving - Do some exercise, stretch, yoga, pilates. Go for a walk, run or hike. 

5) Breakfast - Make yourself a healthy breakfast. No fast foods, processed foods or non nutritional foods (aka. cereal!). We have a food schedule for morning breakfasts and it works great. We rotate our main components eggs, pancakes, oatmeal and add on additional nutritious foods to each meal. Eggs with bacon one Monday, Eggs with Sausage next week. Eggs on toast another. 

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