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Baby Carriers

Our 6 Favourite Types of Baby Carriers

We love babywearing. It’s a perfect mix of practicality and comfort, giving you the closeness to your little one, while allowing you the flexibility to get things done. 
Babies love it too! They love feeling the warmth and closeness of their carrier - just like when they were in utero! It’s an easy, but comfortable way to strengthen your bond with baby. But like everything else when it comes to babies, the amount of options can be overwhelming. 
Not to worry! We have lots of combined experience with babywearing, and we are here to make things easier, so you can make the right choice when it comes to carrying your little one.
Our Favourite Types of Baby Carriers
Ergo Original Carrier
  1. Soft Structured Carrier
Close your eyes and picture a baby carrier. Does it have straps and buckles? Odds are you’re thinking of a soft-structured carrier. 
These are the most common baby carriers that you’ll find. 
They come with a buckle that attaches on the waist and at the shoulders. Of all the carriers available, these generally have the smallest learning curve because they are so similar to backpacks. They are easy to use right out of the box and quick to get baby into. 
They are also adaptable. Many can be worn inward facing, outward facing and backpack style.
Ergo Aura Wrap
  1. Stretchy Wrap
If you’ve got a newborn who doesn't want to be put down, a stretchy wrap is the way to go. Lightweight, easy to tie, and inexpensive, stretchy wraps work best fro carrying baby in the first 6 months or so while they are still working on building muscle stregth. 
Think of them like your favourite yoga pants for you and your newborn! They mold to the body and keep baby nice and close. Perfect for skin-to-skin contact, a stretchy wrap is safety weighted to 25lbs, though with experience we find you may start seeking a more supportive carrier around 18-20 lbs. 
Ring Sling
  1. Ring Sling
If you’re a fan of the stretchy wrap, but wish it could accommodate a bigger child, or that it was quicker to put on, then the ring sling is what you’re looking for! Easy to put on, this style gives you a one-shouldered carry and is made from a woven fabric. It’s compact, and made out of sustainable, breathable, and buttery soft linen. A ring sling can accommodate a child up to 45 lbs. 
adult with short hair carrying young baby in a Chimparoo Meh Dai
  1. Meh Dai
A Meh Dai is a traditional Chinese carrier, which the modern soft structure carrier was inspired by. There is a square panel in the middle, two long shoulder straps, and two shorter waist straps. The lack of buckles means this carrier is quite versatile, very adjustable and works really well for people with back or shoulder problem, since the straps can be adjusted in many ways.
person with long curly hair, cuddling baby in an Ergo Embrace carrier
If you’re looking for something that combines the comfort/closeness of a stretchy wrap or ring sling, with the ease of use of a soft-structure carrier, a hybrid model might be right for you. It's a perfect balance!

Woven Wrap
Less stretchy than the stretchy wrap, woven wraps are probably the most versatile carrier. These superhero wraps can be used in the very first days of your babies life and all the way into toddlerhood. Many first-time users might be intimidated by the learning curve when it comes to wrapping, but fear not! We are here and available to provide instructions, expertise and tips to master the art of baby carrying. Come in during business hours and we will be happy to walk you through everything you need to know. 
Questions? Let us know in the comments! We love helping parents and caregivers learn more about the wonderful world of baby carrying. 
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