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Peppa Bonding Doll for the Win!

Peppa Bonding Doll for the Win!

We and all of you LOVE our Peppa Bonding Bunny!

Made with organic and stuffed with wool, these dolls are a natural and safe alternative to polyester lovies. Mom or dad can sleep with their bunny at night to help absorb the scent of themselves to later improve bonding between parent and child. What child doesn't love the smell of mom or dad?

Peppa Bonding Dolls also make a wonderful teething toy. They are made from organic cotton stretch terry, colored with AZO-free fabric dye. The arms and legs have little nubs on the end that are perfect for getting into those swollen gums. The right amount of firmness paired with softness makes them ideal. Does your baby like cold while teething? Take the ears or arms and legs and dip them in water and throw them in the freezer for an hour. Baby will love the coolness on their gums.


Peppa Bonding Dolls are perfectly sized to travel with babies and kids to keep them safe and comfortable. Bring them to daycare, keep them in the car seat or send them to grandparents home.

Lastly, don't forget to buy a spare in case you lose or misplace your Peppa. We are not open 24 hours a day so you don't want to be left in a pinch ;)


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