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Plan Toys - Wonky Fruit and Vegetables

Sustainable Playtime Hero: Plan Toys

The Power of Play
Famed educator and advocate Maria Montessori once said, "Play is a child’s work". We couldn’t agree more. Play time is serious business for little ones. Whether they are dumping out all their toys and creating elaborate, fantastic worlds or finding the magic of a simple box, watching a child at work during play time is a magical experience.

Serious play requires serious toys. That’s why we love our toy partner, Plan Toys. For 40 years the team at Plan Toys have been committed to creating positive, imaginative toys with a focus on both sustainability and child development.
Imaginative play helps children develop all kinds of skills, including language and social skills. By interacting with Plan Toys like these geometric sorting toys, kids also learn about problem solving and important spatial concepts. 
Other types like their occupation sets  help children activate their imaginations and teach more about the world around us.
Vet Set
The Importance of Sustainability
From materials to manufacturing, sustainability is central to the Plan Toys process. Despite focusing solely on creating wooden toys, Plan Toys have never cut a single tree down in their production process. How? They start by reclaiming depleted rubber trees that would normally be burned or cut down.
Through a responsible use of natural resources and creating minimal or zero waste during production, they manage to keep sustainability at the core of their business.
Plan Toys Sustainability
These sustainable values help children understand the value of being environmentally conscious and treating their toys, and their planet, with care.
Each Plan Toy comes with a carbon footprint icon on the box, so you can know the exact impact your purchase has on our planet.
Plan Pounding Bench
Safe Toys, Safe Play
As parents, we don’t enjoy having to worry about the risks with everything our children touch. Plan Toys pay very close attention to all of the materials used in creating their unique lineup. 
Parents can breathe easier knowing that Plan Toys are made using chemical free water-based colours, E-Zero Glue that doesn’t contain formaldehyde, and reformed sawdust that forms a unique sustainable material called PlanWood.
Plan Toys Wonky Fruits
Check out our collection of Plan Toys here.
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