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Feature Friday: Lulujo Turkish Towels

Feature Friday: Lulujo Turkish Towels

It's true. The world really does need more turkish towels.

Have you used a turkish towel? If not, you are missing out!

Made with lightweight cotton, turkish towels are absorbent, fast drying and versatile.

Here are some awesome ways you can use your TURKISH TOWEL:

1) Beach towel - they pack up incredibly small, taking up less space in your beach bag. They are super absorbent and fast drying so they will keep you dry and then dry quickly for the next round. 

2) Beach & camping blanket - the size is perfect for small kids as a beach or picnic blanket OR they are the ideal size as an individual blanket for adults to relax and sunbathe - haha! That is if you are ever able to find the time to sunbathe on the beach, with kids (?). We love this for sitting around the campfire while camping. Lightweight for those cool summer evenings!

3) Top Sheet - this is our favorite use. We use these as a top sheet in our crib for our babes in the summer. They are just the right fit for the crib!

4) Cover up - use over top of your car seat, stroller, or babycarrier as a lightweight sun shade.

5) Fort making - my kids use these in their fortmaking. They are big and lightweight, making them perfect materials for building forts. 

6) Breastfeeding cover - if you want to cover up while breastfeeding this blanket will do the trick. 

7) Hair Towel - works perfectly as a hair towel

Here is a little video to show you how awesome these towels are.



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