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Top 5 Eco Design Ideas for your Toddlers Room!

Top 5 Eco Design Ideas for your Toddlers Room!

Finding eco friendly furniture for children is challenging. Most brand use toxic finishes or stains that leach into the air! 

Thankfully there are a few brands on the market that care about their environmental impact and the level of toxins that are off gassing from their products!

When we choose a product, brand or line for our shop, we are choosing a product that we as parents feel comfortable using and integrating into our own lives. We don't just put something our shelves that we don't believe in or trust. I must admit that our standards are quite high! I have yet to come across a business or retail shop that has standards set as high as ours (please share if you know one so we can come together!). 

Why do we spend so much time choosing the right products? Because we believe in the health and safety of our children and our planet. We want to ensure that each product you take home is safe and healthy for your babies and has been made with the intention of supporting the future of our planet and not tearing it down. 

As you know we firmly believe in buying second hand products. Before our family purchases anything new we check out the market for second hand options, whether it be at second hand shops or Kijiji. However, we continue to stick to our high level standards. If we cannot find what we are looking for on the market in the quality and materials we trust (organic cotton, wool, natural untreated wood, low voc stains) we will purchase a new, high quality item. 

Aesthetics and design are important to us because we want our space to feel beautiful, inviting and warm. We want our space to bring us happiness so that we can bring more happiness to others in the world. We want our children to feel inspired in their space and use it so that they too can become good stewards of our planet and feel connected to nature. 

If you cannot find what you are looking for in the second hand world, here are some well made, eco friendly options for your toddlers room:

1) The Oeuf Perch Toddlers Bed: A popular option among many families. As a scaled-down bed with a low mattress position, it will still feel cozy for your child, but it allows them to get in and out on their own, reinforcing a sense of independence. Then the toddler bed can be transitioned to a child-sized sofa by removing the security rail, once your child moves to a larger bed. Oeuf products are GREENGUARD Gold certified and meet or exceed stringent chemical emissions standards.


2) The Grimms Wooden Rainbow: I know, this is a toy too! But it looks beautiful on a shelf and serves a purpose at the same time. The large stacking rainbow is a classic toy that will last for years for your children (our 10 year old still enjoys playing with it alongside my 3 year old!). Grimms toys are made with solid wood and non toxic paints and stains (water based).

3) The Himalayan Salt Lamp: Himalayan Salt Lamps have so many benefits for your home and can be especially beneficial in children's bedrooms. They charge the room with negative ions which helps clean and deodorize the air reducing allergy and ashtma symptoms. They also neutralize electromagnetic radiation from cell phones, computers, televisions. Many families find that the promote better sleep patterns and boost blood flow! They also look beautiful - just watch out that your kids don't spend their days licking it.

4) The Oeuf Play Table and Play Chairs: Art projects, tea parties, and snack time are all more fun in kid-sized proportions. Stylishly simple yet wonderfully inventive, this play table set makes a lovely addition to a nursery or play room, and features durable, eco-friendly finishes with an easy-to-clean laminate tabletop. Oeuf products are GREENGUARD Gold certified and meet or exceed stringent chemical emissions standards.


5) Organic Rubber Mattress: No design would be complete without an organic mattress. The mattress is truly the most important piece you can have you in your child's room. If your budget allows for only one new item - get the mattress! For toddler beds you will require only an organic crib mattress. Once you move up to child size beds, you can choose standard mattress sizes (typically twin or double for children). Sleeptek mattresses are made using organic wool, natural rubber and organic cotton. 

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