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What carriers do WE love and use?

by Natalie George September 02, 2017

What carriers do WE love and use?

Inevitably when a new mom/dad comes in to talk baby carriers we are always presented with the:

"Which carrier is your favorite? Which one do use?"

Often this questions is followed up with: "You must have lots of carriers". FYI: We only own 3 carriers - a wrap, a sling and soft structured carrier.

While I always share our preferences, I do make it clear that everyone has their own preference and that each person, baby and family will look for different features in a carrier. My preference is just that - mine. YOU will have a different preference and so will your partner and your friend.

So without further ado, we use, love and own these three carriers:

1) Stretchy Wrap

2) Ergo Baby Original

3) Sakura Bloom Ring Sling

These have been our go to carriers between our 4 children. The stretchy wrap and Ergo were our original carriers and when we had our second child we introduced the ring sling. 

We have survived primarily with our Ergo and stretchy wrap and have loved every moment. We are still using our Ergo with Sadie - she is 2.5 years. We use it probably once every two weeks, mostly on long family hikes. 

Jamin prefers the comfort of the Tula over the Ergo. But we have our Ergo and we made the decision not to purchase another carrier just for the purpose of him being slightly more comfortable in the limited times he uses it. 

Both Jamin and I absolutely loved using our stretchy wrap in the newborn stage. We found it especially comfortable and it allowed us to bond with the baby. We starting wearing baby in the wrap from the day they were born until about 5-6 months of age. 

Slings have never been my thing. Ask anyone that knows me and that has visited us in our shop and I will openly share that information. However, I did find there were times when it was needed and well loved.

We used a sling when our babies were newborn. Instead of carrying our kids around in our bulky, heavy bucket seat we would just leave it in the car and put baby into the sling. Quick and easy.

We also use it a home when we have a fussy babe that just wanted to be close to mama. Close enough to kiss and cuddle. Sometimes they don't want to be on our back and away from us. They just want to be right beside. BUT, sometimes as parents we have to do dishes, make dinner or tidy up. I found the sling especially beneficial in those times. 

Overall though I don't recommend owning a sling on it's own without another supportive carrier. Slings are one shouldered and as a result do not distribute weight as evenly across your body and tend to be problematic for those with back pain (which has always been my concern). I love using them for short periods of time and for their ease of use. 

While we have our own preferences we have chosen and carefully selected carriers in our style that are most comfortable and popular among new parents. If you are unsure which style is right for you, why not take advantage of our Babywearing Loan & Tutorial Program.

Not sure which carriers is right for you? Here are some suggestions:

Looking for a versatile carrier that covers all ages? Look for the Tula Free To Grow, Ergo Adapt and Lillebaby.

Looking for a basic carrier without anything fancy? Ergo Baby Carrier

Have a smaller baby or newborn? The Sakura Bloom Sling and Boba Stretchy Wrap are you best bets. Then as baby ages you can move on to a more structured carrier. 

What if you have a smaller baby or newborn but want more structured support? Consider the Ergo 360 and Beco Gemini

What is your favorite carrier and why? 

Natalie George
Natalie George


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