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What's with the no bags policy?

What's with the no bags policy?

We get asked this question a lot. Why don't we have bags?

After all, bags are convenient. They hold our "stuff". They keep it dry and keep it safe from dirty, mud and muck. They keep it all together. 

I agree with most of the above statements. Bags are convenient. They do hold lots of stuff and they do keep things dry and free from mess.


"Canadians use between nine- and 15-billion plastic bags a year, enough to circle the Earth more than 55 times, according to the Greener Footprints website. (U.S. citizens use about 100 billion a year!) Few plastic bags are recycled. Most are used for a short time to carry groceries, and then maybe re-used as garbage bags or to wrap dog poop before ending up in the landfill or the ocean. " (From David Suzuki Org)

These bags end up in the landfill for years and years to come. They don't biodegrade quickly and they certainly don't disappear. They are especially dangerous to marine life when they enter our waterways. 

If we want to have a cleaner and healthier future we have to let go of some of our conveniences.

Letting go can be hard, especially in the beginning. Change is always hard. But if we don't make these changes now we won't see a bright future for our children and grand children. 

Change has to start somewhere and for us it starts right here in our own shop. We believe in being the change and are comfortable with taking people out of their comfort zone!

We can't control all plastic bags. We receive shipments daily from suppliers filled with packaging, packing nuts and plastic bags. Some have much more environmentally friendly practices than others. We contact the companies that use excessive packaging directly and voice our concerns in hopes that they consider using more environmentally friendly packaging or removing the plastic packaging altogether. But unfortunately we do not have control over what other people or companies do.

What we do have control over is our own shop and our contribution (as a family and business) to our community and the planet.

As a result we have adopted a policy whereby we do not purchase bags. No plastic bags, no paper bags and no reusable bags (FYI, reusable bags aren't all their cracked up to be with the current rate at which they are being manufactured and distributed. More on that in another post). 

We do have plastic bags at times because we reuse them! We reuse all that packaging sent from companies - bags, packing nuts and boxes. We also accept plastic grocery bags that are sitting around in your home. If you have extras please feel free to send them our way so we can share the bags.

We also do offer environmentally gift bags. We have gorgeous burlap bags that can be purchased for $1 and can be reused eternally as gift bags or even as food storage bags. We don't offer gift boxes, standard gift bags (which are usually coated) or even tissue paper. 

Looking for a perfect alternative to gift wrapping? We LOVE our Sarah's Silks and find they make the most beautiful wrapping for children's gift. When the kids are done unwrapping they can use their silks for years to come in imaginative play. 

Not sure if we will have bags when you come shopping or visiting with us? Just bring your own bags! Or purchase one of our burlap gift bags for $1

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