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Why we LOVE our sand pit and why you should get one too!

Why we LOVE our sand pit and why you should get one too!

We LOVE our sandpit.

Did I ever tell you I hate dirt and mess? It is true, I really do! So why would I love my sand pit?


Our kids spend tons of time outdoors and the majority of their time is spent up at the barn with the animals or in our sandpit. Which means, I can spend my day reading books in the sun with a drink and watching my children play in the sand for hours on end. It's really a win-win situation. See how happy I am here sitting in front of the sandbox:

In each house we have owned (don't ask..there have been many!), the first order of business upon moving in has been to install a giant sandpit. You can see it in the back corner of our home in the city from 3 years ago.

I'm not talking about your tiny little sand box in the corner or a little turtle shaped sandbox. I am talking about a big, high pit of sand.

We don't buy our sand in bags and instead opt for having a truck load of sand delivered.

Do you want to know why we love sand?

Because our children (and I believe almost all children) love playing in sand. In every school yard I have visited, in every daycare I have seen, the kids are always attracted to the sand box.

The opportunities for free, imaginative play are second to none.

What's even better than sand? Water + Sand. Throw in a rainy day or a bucket of water and you have a whole new learning environment for your child.

The great thing about sand is that it easily wipes off too ;) Not as messy as mud. 

What types of tools and toys do we use in our sandbox?

- Wooden or metal shovels: No sandbox is complete without a shovel.

- Green Toys: These toys are sturdy and hold up well. We have had the same plastic tractor for about 4 years! For a plastic toy, that is pretty great!

- Schleich animals: These are the best indoor/outdoor toys. I know they are plastic, BUT they hold up well in all circumstances. We have found our animals hiding underneath loads of sand for what must have been years and they still came out looking brand new.

- Buckets and scoops of all kinds: This can be anything from a plastic bowl (though we prefer stainless because they hold up better) to a wooden spoon or even dining utensils. I am always finding my forks, knives and spoons in the sand. The possibilities are endless and do not require you purchasing "special" sand box toys. We especially love these Metal Sand Tools (durable and long lasting). 

- Shells, pinecones, rocks, sticks/branches and more!


Live in an apartment or small home with little to no backyard? Don't worry you have options too!

You have several options. One visit your local park as often as you can! Build or purchase or an indoor sand and water table. I know, I know, this can get messy. But I promise you that your child will love it and you will too. Buy a plastic tarp or mat to put underneath so that you can easily clean up any messes. If you have a deck this would also be a great spot for a sand and water table. If you are looking to have one made, give us a call or send us an email and my husband can build one for you ( 

I created a Pinterest Board with some DIY samples of small scale wooden sand boxes. 

Do you have a sandbox? Do you love it? Do your kids use it? 


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