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Baby Carriers

Chimparoo Meh Dai

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The Chimparoo Meh Dai has a number of unique characteristics: soft woven cotton twill, system of lateral adjustments for a newborn, seat adjustments to accommodate a baby younger than 2-3 months of age, a sleep hood, and padding in the waist, shoulder straps and under the thighs. 


Your child can be worn in 4 positions: on the front facing in, on the front facing out, on the hip and on the back. The Chimparoo Meh Dai is often considered a hybrid, the compromise between a woven wrap and a soft structured carrier. Made for many body types, with a look that is both urban and natural.  Lightweight and simple to use, it is compact and easy to master. You will find it indispensable, both inside and outside the home. The long shoulder straps will accommodate most body types and allow the carrier to be worn outside your coat.

Note that there may be variations in the Meh Dai. The front pocket of the Meh Dai can have up to 9 different versions.   These baby carriers are handmade in Canada. They are beautiful in all cases.

Sizing and Fit

The carrier is certified for use with a child weighing 7-35 lbs, and thus can be used for as long as you feel comfortable.

Materials and Care

It owes its cozy feel, comfort and support to supple, lightweight cotton twill.

Hand wash separately with like colours. Hang to dry.

How to Use Your Meh Dai

Intimidated by the learning curve? Have no fear! We are happy to provide hands on help with the basics of your wrap, and guide you to helpful online resources and community experts. 

Infographic demonstrating the different features and positions of the Chimparoo Meh Dai

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