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Hevea Pacifier - Orthodontic

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HEVEA’s hand-crafted pacifier collection is inspired by the colours found in nature.

  • Shiitake Grey is a neutral earth tone, bringing hints of beige from the mushroom itself, complimenting just about every outfit.
  • Milky White was inspired by the Hevea Brasiliensis tree’s natural rubber in its most pure and milky white form.
  • Pistachio is inspired by one of nature’s kindest gifts. The light green colour is reminiscent of the perfect mixture between salt and sweetness filling the brain with joy and satisfaction.
  • Lavender is inspired by the magnificent scent of blooming flowers near the warm Pacific coast on a sweet afternoon.
  • Banana is inspired by the sweet fruit maturing in lush fields packed with wild growing palms. Like most other yellow colours it has a strong glow and brings light into our life.
  • Ruby Red is the core of love and intense feelings of the heart.
  • Outer Space Black is the darkness of the season taken to the extreme. The coolest colour which is always in fashion.

HEAVEA'S coloured collection is the first in the world that is both 100% plastic free and colourful.
Completely plant based, made out 100% natural rubber and FDA approved natural colour pigments.

The pacifier has a silky smooth touch and is gentle on the baby’s face and teeth, but still resistant to bites.

Easy to clean in hot water and highly hygienic due to its seamless design.

Good for baby and good for the planet.

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